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barack obama

June 11, 2014
This past Tuesday, Obama appeared on the microblogging social network known as Tumblr in order to answer questions regarding student loans. He covered a number of topics on the matter, ranging from reducing student loans across the board to the importance of education in general.
June 30, 2013
Currently the First Family is in Africa. It's great to be able to see a behind-the-scenes look at her tour there. I followed the hashtag to find #FLOTUSinAfrica and discovered that the White House now also has an Instagram account.
August 17, 2011
" I want to look at how political campaigns have evolved in their use of the internet and social media, and see what possibilities exist in the near-term. For this purpose I’ve looked at two types of campaigns..."
July 30, 2011
So how important is the debt ceiling crisis? So important it has gotten the Obama team to actually use Twitter. I’m only sort of kidding. It is understood that the 2008 Obama campaign was the most successful digital campaign ever. Given how well run it was, it always seemed strange to me that they...
January 28, 2010
With a deep understanding of both China and the California technology scene, China expert Orville Schell is in a unique position to understand the mentality and thinking on both sides of the Google vs China confrontation. One key issue in the confrontation, Schell said, is that Google has become...
December 09, 2009
Define yourself before your opponent, or anyone else defines you (and if you don't define yourself first, someone WILL take the opportunity to define you). Whether you are campaigning for elective office, to get/keep the public trust, to get promoted, to get a job, to keep your job — it is...