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brand advocates

April 21, 2017
Brand advocates represent a major marketing opportunity - this infographic lays out some key data on advocacy and its potential.
15 Reasons Why Brand Advocacy is the Bedrock of Your Business [Infographic] | Social Media Today
March 11, 2015
The most important type of advocates are your customers. And if you’re running a B2B or SaaS business, revenue is most likely coming from subscriptions. By managing the relationship with your customers to help them achieve success (this process is defined as “Customer Success Management”), you can reduce churn AND create customers who are likely to refer your business to others.
September 12, 2014
This week we hosted another Social Media Today webinar as part of the Best Thinker webinar series, this time on the topic of Advocate Marketing Decoded: 5 Proven Steps to Powering Advocates in Retail. This webinar was sponsored by SocialChorus.
influencer marketing
August 07, 2014
As a social media strategist, who often guides clients' social media advocacy programs, I found myself on the other side of superfandom. This is the story of how I ended up there and why leveraging your most vocal fans should be a a part of every brand's social media strategy.
August 02, 2014
Companies are increasingly taking an active role in fostering communities of brand advocates willing to share news and reviews on their products. According to the Bzz Agent Field Guide to Brand Advocates, brand advocates are 83% more likely to share information than the average Internet user.'s picture

Getting Started with an Employee Advocacy Program

As author Emily Giffin once said, “Everyone wants to belong, or be a part of something bigger than themselves, but it's important to follow your heart and be true to yourself in the process.” This quote perfectly sums up what employee advocacy is all about: empowering employees to promote their company's message on social media and, in the process, allowing them to develop their personal brand, and position themselves as trusted advisors and thought leaders in their own networks.

June 23, 2014
You’ve probably already heard how useful it can be if your employees are willing and eager brand advocates for your company across social media channels. In the best cases, employees who naturally promote your business in the social media realm can be more effective than even the most carefully implemented marketing plans.
March 26, 2014
An individual, who has initiative and put in the effort to create their own personally branded website, is serious about their career, about their future, is digitally fluent and has the tools for excellent connectivity and responsible communication. The individual knows that a position within your company is not necessarily for life but for a period where each others brands may collaborate for gain.
January 26, 2014
Social media has become such a prevalent part of our lives that it’s easy to forget that it is still a fairly new medium for businesses. However, since social media is so new, businesses should be constantly evaluating their approach to social media and making it better.