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comment management strategy

June 20, 2014
Even though social media is fully integrated into the global culture and economy, many leaders are still reluctant to put themselves and/or their organizations in a position where they may have to listen to and/or engage with various stakeholders via these public channels.
online community management
August 18, 2009
Increasingly I visit blogs and in the comments section I see, well frankly a lot of noise in place of valuable commentary. I understand the appeal of doing this—linking comments to Twitter, Facebook etc. and positioning them as comments makes your site look like there is a lively discussion going...
June 18, 2009
It has been happening since some time now. Lately it increased. I am talking about folks seeking my time, industry experience and resources to get them started. Sidetrack: I just saw Paris Hilton talking about her show My new BFF at the Jimmy Kimmel Show- and she said many contestants had turned...