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September 21, 2016
Here are 50 key tips to improve your business blogging process, via contributor Barry Feldman.
The Business Blogging Plan: 50 Best Practices | Social Media Today
September 19, 2016
There's a lot of advice around relating to content marketing and not all of it's helpful. Here are some things you should avoid in your own content strategy.
4 Things I Saw Content Marketers Do This Week — That You Shouldn’t
September 14, 2016
You need to maximize the value of the content you produce, and re-purposing can help with this.
Content Repurposing in a Nutshell [Infographic] | Social Media Today
September 13, 2016
Comedy is one of the most effective ways to create a resonant brand message. Here are ten examples of brands that have used comedy to great effect.
10 Great Examples of Comedy in Brand Videos | Social Media Today
September 07, 2016
How do BuzzFeed go about creating viral content, what are the most common formats they use to maximize reach? Here are some key lessons from BuzzFeed's most shared content.
The anatomy of a Buzzfeed viral article
September 02, 2016
Genuine product recommendations from normal people can be significantly more persuasive than marketing copy, and you can use that to advantage.
How Honesty Can Give An Edge To Your Inbound Marketing Strategy | Social Media Today
September 02, 2016
In a new podcast, Jorgen Sundberg speaks with Todd Wheatland of King Content about employer branding in social.
A Guide to Content Marketing for Employers [Podcast] | Social Media Today
August 31, 2016
You can extend the life, and exposure, of your content by breaking it down into smaller content pieces - here's how.
Create Quotes
August 30, 2016
There's a heap of new content opportunities available these days - here are twelve options to get you thinking.
Think Outside the eBook: 12 Fresh Content Ideas | Social Media Today
August 29, 2016
Everyone needs some help in their content marketing process every now and then. These 20 resources can provide the lift you need.
20 Content Marketing Resources to Bookmark ASAP | Social Media Today