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customer service failures

April 11, 2017
The skies – and the Twitterverse – haven’t exactly been friendly for United Airlines recently.
March 10, 2016
If a customer were to walk up to you in the store and complain, you’d respond, right? Yet customers complaining on social media are largely ignored - about 70% according to research - and t his is seriously bad business.
3 Reasons Why You Should Never Ignore Customer Complaints on Social Media | Social Media Today
July 20, 2014
If Comcast had a social customer service strategy in place, the exhausting Block conversation gone viral could have been avoided. Social Media Today’s fourth edition of "The Social Customer Engagement Index 2014: Results, Analysis, and Perspectives" proves it. Adobe’s SVP of marketing is quoted in the index, “We have a matter of 300 milliseconds to turn our actions into great experiences that help us build new customer relationships and extend existing ones. With less time to make a connection and convert it into a meaningful relationship, companies have to act quickly—and react even quicker, which means taking a hard look at their current capabilities to make fast moves. This includes how quickly they can respond to customers when they need help.”
May 18, 2014
Great customer service is not about being perfect. The truth is, it really is impossible to get it right every time. Most customers know this and expect an occasional problem to occur. It's not so much the problem that is the issue, usually. It's the way we (or our team) handle the situation.
June 14, 2012
When the first response to ordering two coffees in a hotel lobby is "how are you going to pay for it,?" you have an idea that customer service may not be at the top of that hotel's list of duties.
July 05, 2008
Providing poor customer service has always been a dangerous proposition for brands. Failing to meet consumer expectations damages brands, but pre-2005 (before social media began to explode) the risks were relatively small. Any single service event could have destroyed brand loyalty for a single...