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dachis group

February 19, 2014
Big news: Sprinklr is scaling, and in a very interesting way, by acquiring the consultancy and analytics firm Dachis Group, founded by Jeff Dachis in 2008 after he successfully launched and sold Razorfish. The combined entity will have 300 employees, serve 400 brands and have offices in NY, Austin, London, Delhi, and Bangalore.
November 25, 2013
Peter Kim, author and head of solutions architecture at Dachis Group, Andrew Ashton from Yum Brands, and Pablo Henderson from the W Hotels Group joined me on Thursday to talk about real-time marketing. Listen to the replay of the webinar when you have time, but until then, here are some primary takeaways.
November 21, 2011
What’s that you say, Klout on steroids? Well, not quite, but somewhat similar in nature. As the free world (and world in general) continues to adopt social media as an extension of their everyday lives, big companies are starting to take notice. Enterprise corporations are beginning to leverage social media as an effective marketing strategy, but how do we measure up against the rest?
September 02, 2009
I am sure that by now, if you are in the Enterprise 2.0 field, or are involved in some shape or form with social computing within the enterprise, you may have read about the tsunami of conversations that have been going on as a result of a rather thought-provoking and controversial article that...