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November 04, 2016
This infographic outlines why an editorial calendar app provides insights and capabilities that make it an indispensable tool for serious content marketers.
5 Reasons You Need an Editorial Calendar App to Rock Content Marketing
July 21, 2015
Do you ever hit a writer’s block? Do you ever log in to Facebook or Twitter and just look at a blank message composing box and then log out without publishing anything? Well, here is the solution to the problem: create a social media content calendar. Personally, I create it for a month in advance, but you can plan out as little as a week in advance or as much as three months in advance – whatever works for you.
Editorial calendar
October 10, 2014
Ever been discouraged by the red ink your editor put all over your first draft? Here, discover how to nail your next draft by learning the 7 things that a good content editor looks for in a piece of writing.
May 04, 2014
Content marketing involves a lot of moving pieces. And whether they are on your marketing team or spread throughout your company, there are probably a lot of people to manage, too. So how do you make sure things continue to run smoothly and everything you planned actually happens?