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August 10, 2015
It may be 2015, but – as with so many elements of marketing – there is still significant confusion around the difference between interaction and engagement. The reason for that confusion is simple; most marketers don’t want to admit to not knowing the difference so never get to the heart of the...
June 30, 2015
There are few prevailing myths about advertising on the web that keep advertisers and marketers hamstrung. Do you count the number of people who view a page on your website? It turns out that counting clicks, though it may be one of the most common metrics, doesn't work that well if you want to know how many people you are truly reaching. Pageviews are out, folks. And real engagement is in. But how do you know that you are really engaging people? Here are three truths about advertising on the web.
June 24, 2015
The Internet has put whole libraries of information at the fingertips of anyone with a mobile phone. This great democratization of information is in many ways a good thing, but it has stretched one resource rather thin: attention. There are so many demands on the attention of the average media consumer that any one piece of information—a post, a video, an image—has only 8 seconds to grab a viewer.
June 22, 2015
Brands often forget that social is a two-way conversation.
May 21, 2015
One of the best aspects of a career in social media is the huge growth potential. Every year, social networks emerge and expand. Audiences – and how we reach them – change just as often. Almost as quickly, a brand’s social media team of one transforms into a global program that spans across the organization… Out of necessity. But with great opportunities also come great challenges.
long term planning
May 18, 2015
80% of success is just showing up. But is participating in something through social media really showing up?
social activism
May 17, 2015
Are you fighting to gain a foothold as a new brand in your local community? It’s tough getting your name out there and building a relationship with your friends and neighbors; at least as a business. How do you market yourself without spending a ton of money, or looking like someone trying to take advantage of friendships for the purpose of expanding your business?
social media local community
May 17, 2015
Trust is essential to business success. It is what drives total strangers to patronize your products or services – your customers trust that you will deliver on your commitment. Trust is an absolute non-negotiable in business. You must be able to win the trust of your prospects in order to secure their patronage.
online business trust
May 11, 2015
As the largest moving company in the US, U-Haul is one of the most recognizable brands in the country. Founded by Leonard Shoen in 1945, the company has grown from operating out of a suburban garage to having more than 16,000 active dealers across the nation. That brand recognition and growth is reflected in U-Haul’s social media presence, highlighted by their more than 17,000 Facebook Likes.
Big Brand Theory
May 11, 2015
If I could pinpoint the most important thing we millennials want out of life, I’d bet on the significance of the opportunity for our voices to be heard. Most brands are too busy tooting their own horns on social media to take a step back and put their digital ears to the ground in order to really use social listening tactics to find and connect with millennials.