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July 31, 2015
You post status updates on Facebook. You post photos. You may even post videos. But what’s next? What’s the next way to connect with your friends? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says 3D, immersive virtual-reality posts. I like the idea of being able to show off my new apartment by immersing my...
July 31, 2015
Whenever a new, futuristic advancement in technology makes the news, I like to make the joke that we are now living in the future. Our lives are starting to resemble sci-fi novels. And now, another step forward is being taken: Internet from the sky.
facebook drone
July 31, 2015
Facebook has now indexed more than two trillion posts, a huge collection of data that represents significant potential for search on the platform. Whether Search is a commercial proposition now or not, there's little doubt that Facebook is looking to both improve and monetize Search - but what does that mean in the wider context of the Facebook experience?
Facebook Search – A Bigger Commercial Opportunity Than Instagram? | Social Media Today
July 31, 2015
As you know, if you're designing images for your Facebook profile or pages it's important to know the correct dimensions for all the different elements. This infographic outlines all the perfect image sizes for the various forms of Facebook visual content.
The Ultimate Facebook Image Size Guide [Infographic] | Social Media Today
July 30, 2015
You know how you have that “Skills and Endorsements” section on your LinkedIn profile where people can say you’re good at “Synchronized Swimming” or the like and you can choose to display it and show people what you’re the best at? Ever thought it'd be greatto have that same functionality with your friends?
Facebook Looking to Add Tags to Profile Pages | Social Media Today
July 29, 2015
Facebook has released its Q2 numbers , and the results uphold The Social Network’s place atop the heap among social media networks. Facebook’s Daily Active user base grew by 32 million, average time on platform was higher and revenue per user increased.
Facebook Q2 Numbers: 1.49 Billion Monthly Active Users, Revenue Per User Up | Social Media Today
July 29, 2015
Alex Hern of The Guardian has a weirdly disconcerting article up, "'Happy Birthday!' is dead, and it's all Facebook's fault," about how Facebook's efforts at creating convenience for its users is just leading us ever further into a techno-dystopian cyber-future where all our interactions with other human beings are nothing but an unending series of robotic button presses completely detached from anything resembling actual emotion or thought. (Okay, I'm exaggerating. A little.)
facebook birthday
July 28, 2015
​Lucille Ball famously said, “I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done.” It looks like America has a similar attitude, especially online. Fifty seven percent of Americans who use social media have posted or texted something that they regret. “One in six regret a post at least once a week, and these numbers vary depending on age, with 20 percent of Millennials (18 to 34) being the worst regular offenders.”
July 27, 2015
We’ve all heard by now the 80-20 rule for Facebook content: 20 percent of content should be created by and unique to your organization while the remaining 80 percent should be shared or curated from other sources. While it is a good rule of thumb approach to content strategy, the real focus here should be on the fact that the majority of your content is ideally from external sources.
July 24, 2015
Facebook’s offers brands awesome power to connect with their customers. But, as with great power in any context, sometimes that power is abused. “… With great popularity comes some shameful characters looking to tap into Facebook's viral market to sell you their crappy products or scheme your money through affiliate links or worse,” writes Daniel Zeevi.