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April 24, 2015
Let’s be honest – it’s pretty much impossible to know that you don’t know something that you don’t know. That’s why we’ve collected a list of our favorite little-known, hidden, or long-forgotten features on Facebook and Twitter.
April 24, 2015
Facebook's new Multi Product Ads may be just what your businesses social network marketing campaign is looking for to help gain more customers while keeping costs down. Multi Product Ads enable businesses to display 3-5 products in one unit on either a desktop, or a mobile device through the news feed. This helps businesses reach more customers, both new and old by boosting clicks and conversions.
April 24, 2015
As a general rule, I’m not a fan of the term, “growth hacking”. Mostly it’s because it seems to convey some really small hack that somehow will bring about huge results - results that are almost never repeatable. But, if you want to dramatically grow your Facebook followers - then this is one growth hack that you can’t ignore.
April 23, 2015
This latest algorithm update will roll out over the coming weeks and you will begin to see updates highlighting what a friend Liked or commented on either showing up lower in your News Feed or not showing up at all. Max Eulenstein, a Facebook product manager, and Lauren Scissors, a user experience researcher, said that this change was made based on user feedback, “Many people have told us they don’t enjoy seeing stories about their friends liking or commenting on a post."
April 23, 2015
Today’s report appears to indicate Facebook is meeting some of the analysts' expectations, which bodes well for the company’s valuation and the price of its stock. Facebook stock closed at $84.63 today, up $1.01 or 1.21%, but since the announcement was made after the market closed, we’ll have to see what happens to the stock price tomorrow and in the coming days and weeks. Early reports indicate Facebook’s stock has dipped as much as 2% in after-hours trading.
April 22, 2015
The first thing you do after publishing a blog post is to share it with your social network. This typically implies Facebook, Twitter, Email, LinkedIn, reddit, etc. Studies have found that Facebook users engage quite actively during Thursdays and Fridays. On Twitter, the engagement rates are seen to be higher during the weekends. The time of the day your post reaches the community matters too. News and magazine updates (including blog posts) are more likely to be opened during the lunch hours.
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April 20, 2015
​ Social media has exploded. People of all ages and backgrounds are using social media to share their experiences with their fan base, friends, and even complete strangers. The amount of options for sharing content socially continues to grow. Today I’ll focus on the exact social media outlets you need to incorporate into your online marketing game plan immediately.
April 17, 2015
While most marketers are focused on getting content into the news feeds of the world, it’s important to remember the less obvious functions and marketing applications of social channels. Here, I'm choosing to focus on Facebook and Twitter as they are the most advanced in paid capabilities and therefore starting to be overlooked in other areas.
April 16, 2015
What if I told you that I have an advertising campaign on Facebook that generates over 500 percent ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend)? And that same campaign routinely sees anywhere from six to 15 percent CTR (Click-Through-Rate). Maybe this sounds a bit like advertising folklore, but not only am I doing it - I can show you how to do it as well.
April 16, 2015
In a recent column, I shared 13 ways for marketers to beat the Facebook algorithm and as you may notice, most of those tactics were designed to help make your content catchier and more interesting - more engaging. Now, let’s have a look at three specific, crazy-powerful Facebook publishing features you can use to drive those shares, comments and likes, engaging fans and showing Facebook just how relevant and awesome you are.
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