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Facebook admin

September 17, 2014
Have you ever been frustrated because as your page's admin, you were not able to like and comment on page posts as yourself ? A recent Facebook page change now gives you that ability. At the bottom right hand corner of Page posts and event posts, you can now choose to like and comment as yourself.
May 04, 2014
At Facebook’s F8 event last week — which is the first time they’ve held the event since back in 2011 — the focus was on developers. Here are some interesting details about what Facebook unveiled and how it affects businesses and developers.
November 24, 2013
Facebook is an amazing company that has changed the world in many ways. Their legacy is secure. But it is equal parts frustrating and irresponsible that a company with such a stranglehold on our collective attention continues to lob trial grenades around like they were cotton candy.
August 01, 2012
Facebook seems to have thrown its moderators and community managers yet another unannounced curved ball, and you can't hide Facebook comments any more. Not a big deal - unless you're a Facebook moderator or community manager. Find out about the change ...
June 15, 2012
Facebook recently pushed out five big feature changes to Facebook Pages that will help admins more easily manage their pages, plan content, and get more airtime for updates in the News Feed.