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Facebook algorithm

April 28, 2017
Facebook has detailed it's latest efforts to crack down on disingenuous behavior - and it could impact your Page.
Facebook Cracking Down on Platform Mis-Use – and The Potential Impacts for Your Page | Social Media Today
April 07, 2017
Facebook has released a new resource to help users identify fake news reports.
Facebook Continues Battle Against Fake News with New Educational Resource | Social Media Today
March 30, 2017
Facebook is testing an alternate, topic-based News Feed, which could prove beneficial for marketers.
Facebook Experimenting with Alternate News Feed to Boost Content Discovery | Social Media Today
January 31, 2017
Facebook has announced a new News Feed algorithm update, this time focused on authentic and timely stories.
Facebook Updates News Feed to Focus on Authentic and Timely Content | Social Media Today
December 15, 2016
Facebook is taking steps to reduce the spread of fake news on the platform.
Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm to Combat the Spread of Fake News | Social Media Today
August 26, 2016
Facebook has announced a crackdown on clickbait which may also impact your posts. Here's how you can avoid any negative side-effects.
3 Ways to Avoid Being Affected by Facebook's Crackdown on Clickbait | Social Media Today
August 04, 2016
Facebook has announced another News Feed algorithm update, this time focused on reducing the reach of clickbait.
Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm to Reduce the Reach of Clickbait | Social Media Today
June 30, 2016
How will Facebook's latest algorithm change impact on marketers? Contributor Steve Baldwin provides his insights in this post.
How Will Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Update Affect Marketers? | Social Media Today
April 28, 2016
Rumors have long suggested that including certain keywords in your Facebook updates can help boost their reach - but is that true?
Will Including Certain Words in Your Posts Lead to Higher Reach on Facebook? | Social Media Today
April 23, 2016
At Facebook's recent F8 conference, Adam Mosseri , Facebook’s VP of Product for News Feed, went through exactly how the Facebook News Feed algorithm works, and the sess ion includes a heap of helpful insights to establish a better understanding of the system.
How Facebook’s News Feed Works – As Explained by Facebook | Social Media Today