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December 30, 2016
There's a range of ways to celebrate the new year on social - here's an overview of your options.
December 24, 2015
As of this writing, Santa Claus is flying over Malaysia. He's slowly making his way across Southeast Asia, having already delivered more than 2.25 billion presents on his journey around the world. I know all this because of Google's Santa Tracker website.
November 26, 2015
The big December marketing push is around the corner. But there’s no need to panic. You’ve still got time to build the kinds of lead-generating marketing campaigns that will give your brand momentum well into the new year — and beyond.
holiday social media marketing
November 20, 2015
Social media provides an opportunity for brands to grow their email lists and collect valuable data from their audience. And the holidays are prime data-collection season. According to Hootsuite , 58% of marketers who have been using social media for three years or longer state that social media has helped them boost sales.
November 19, 2015
Because the holidays are a time for gift-giving and thinking about others, it would also be a nice gesture for your company to do something charitable to end the year. The company can make a donation to an organization, and maybe match donations from customers, or at least let them know how much you’re contributing and make it easy for them to donate as well. For example, detergent company Dawn could make a generous donation of their product to a wildlife group, since they have a history of helping these organizations use the soap to clean animals affected by oil spills. Corporate giving also brings awareness to the organizations that they support.
November 12, 2015
You probably don’t need to tweak your strategy drastically for the holidays, but you should have a plan in place to help you leverage seasonal trends and avoid any end-of-year social media crises. Here are 7 dos and don’ts your social media program should address during the next few weeks.
Holiday Social Media Marketing Strategy
August 04, 2015
Happy National Chocolate Chip Day! Merry National White Wine Day! These “novel national holidays” weren’t created by social media. Indeed, National Watermelon Day was created by the National Watermelon Association. “Strange holidays are a decades-old tradition that gives trade groups something to promote and newscasters a way to fill airtime,” writes Conor Dougherty in The New York Times.
January 08, 2015
The run-up to Christmas and the end of the year is always a battle for any business wanting to attract the attention of the press and gain significant marketing benefits. It is common knowledge within the world of journalism that editors receive hundreds of Christmas related ideas from PRs every day during December.
December 24, 2014
Elusive snow, southern charm, holiday tipping, and emotional seasonal ads. Here's a look at holiday-related trends and topics on social media.
December 23, 2014
With less than a week until Christmas the holiday season in general, you may have already mentally checked out for the year. While many people leave their marketing at the door when they rush out for the holidays, there are plenty of ways to keep your marketing going during this notorious “down time.”