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September 28, 2016
In a new Social Zoom Factor Podcast, Pam Moore looks at why brands need to use data to build better human connections.
5 Ways to Humanize Your Brand with Data and Social Media Insights [Podcast] | Social Media Today
September 07, 2016
As you develop and curate content for your audience, here are three reasons why you should show the human side of your cause.
April 28, 2015
Often, when discussing the benefits of social media, pundits say things like, “Social media allows you to humanize your brand.” All of us begin to shake our collective heads in agreement, but we should probably stop and ask, what it even means to “humanize” your brand.
March 30, 2015
One mistaken method related to buyer personas has to do with the confusion, which exists between company or customer profiling and buyer personas. Even calling a profile a buyer persona profile amounts to more confusion. Slipping the word, persona , in between buyer and profile does not make it a buyer persona.
February 08, 2015
Customers interact on social media because they want a human touch. They don't want to call your 800 number with a human-sounding robot trying to fix their problem, and do everything they can to stop you from talking to a real person. Here are a couple of ways that remembering the human touch can help your business master social media.
January 26, 2015
Just a quick look at Sandals Resorts' social media presence and you get a real sense of what they provide, an escape captured within each post. In this interview with Tiffany Mullins, Social Media Manager for Unique Vacations, we get a overview of how Sandals uses social across all aspects of their business to build their brand and enhance customer experience.
July 10, 2014
Marketing in the digital age is a challenge -- Why? Because the Fourth Wall of social media is tough to breach. The trick is to find the right moment to turn to your audience, wink, and make a quip about the situation (a joke in a movie or play, that is, not your Facebook page). You know what I like to see on Facebook from the brands I follow? Cool stuff made and shared by interesting people. You can’t do this by promoting your boring products, candy bars, and hardware supplies.
September 05, 2013
The world would be just a little bit more fun if companies kicked off their shoes and weren’t afraid to show us what really made them unique, their culture, and the diversity of their team. Consumers are more likely to respond and engage with companies on social media that they are familiar with and feel they can connect with on a personal level.
March 14, 2013
Brands are beginning to understand the implications of social media beyond the marketing function it often serves. When the shift in mindset from marketing strategy to organizational change takes place, many brands do not know how or where to start.
February 15, 2013
Your customers are human. So, why are you talking to them like they are a robot who wants to read your corporate speak? Why are you afraid to let your human show?