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influencer marketing tracking

January 18, 2017
How will influencer marketing grow in 2017? Here are five predictions.
Influencer Marketing Goes Mainstream - Linqia
November 23, 2016
Surfwear brand Roxy recently implemented an effective influencer marketing strategy - here are some key lessons from their success.
October 26, 2016
What are the key questions you need to ask when considering an influencer marketing facilitator? Here are five key questions.
5 Key Questions to Ask in an Influencer Marketing Vendor Review | Social Media Today
August 26, 2016
What is influencer marketing and how can you use it to advantage? Onalytica's Joe Fields offers his thoughts in this post.
May 20, 2016
Influencer marketing is growing, and along with that growth will come changes to the marketing landscape to better facilitate and measure influencer campaigns.
5 Predictions for the future of influencer marketing
August 25, 2015
Everyday we see more and more content around Influencer Marketing. How to find top social influencers, how to connect with them, case studies on brands who rock Influencer Marketing . This tells us that Influencer Marketing is no longer a trend on the horizon, it’s a reality. What’s exciting for us as Digital Marketers is learning about the added benefits influencers can have on overall campaigns.
Four Ways You Haven’t Considered Working with Influencers - But Should | Social Media Today
January 11, 2010
A Manifesto for Social Business | CustomerThink - CRM, CEM & Social Media This is a great post; a couple snippets: "It's not about ‘influencers' per se, but the social networks in which influence happens." "we must understand how customers use products to help them do jobs and to embed the...
May 18, 2009
Well I joined the Twitter land grab. Ho-Sheng Hsiao , Adam Dill , and I are building a Twitter application that will help PR and marketing professionals. (And we want your feedback.) Mike Schinkel has been advising on the project. Adam is an expert in data reduction and analytical modeling. Ho-...