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April 29, 2016
Many brands are hesitant to let their employees loose on their branded social media accounts, yet they're also hesitant to invest in training, leaving them at a loss on both fronts.
Yin and Yang of Social Media Training
April 27, 2016
Keeping anyone's attention on the Internet for more than about 60 to 90 seconds is a herculean task. This infographic breaks down the reduction in human attention spans, and what marketers need to do in response.
The Shortening Human Attention Span (And What it Means for Marketers) | Social Media Today
April 26, 2016
Did you know that Twitter users are 42% more likely than users of other social networks to be early tech adopters? This and more insights into the tech purchase journey are included in this new Twitter infographic.
How Twitter Influences Tech Purchase Behavior [Infographic] | Social Media Today
April 26, 2016
This infographic breaks down 27 different blog tasks you can start to outsource, right now, to save you time and maximize your blogging efforts.
April 22, 2016
This infographic from Search Engine Journal provides a snapshot of some of the key stats and figures on users of all the major social platforms .
100+ Fascinating Social Media Facts and Stats [Infographic] | Social Media Today
April 21, 2016
Domain Authority is a metric developed by Moz which is closely aligned with Google's SEO ranking factors. Here's what you can do to improve yours.
How to Improve the Domain Authority of Any Website [Infographic] | Social Media Today
April 16, 2016
TrackMaven have put together a ‘ Social Media Inflation Index ’, a study which takes into account the social media followings of almost 27,000 brands to offer insight into what sort of audience growth they’re seeing and their comparative percentage growth of followers across each of the major platforms.
The Social Media Inflation Index 2016 [Infographic] | Social Media Today
April 15, 2016
Facebook has released a new report this week called ‘ Topics to Watch ’ which highlights emerging topics of discussion that are gaining momentum across The Social Network.
Facebook Releases New ‘Topics to Watch’ Report Based on Trending Mentions | Social Media Today
April 14, 2016
Facebook has released it's monthly Hot Topics report for March 2016, showcasing the most resonant topics across The Social Network for the month.
he Most Discussed Topics on Facebook and Instagram from March [Infographic] | Social Media Today
April 14, 2016
The number of people that own phones in general is staggering, with estimates that up to 64% of the world's population are using a mobile device . This infographic looks at some surprising stats about mobile phones and mobile phone use.
A Day in the Life of A Smartphone [Infographic] | Social Media Today