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legal issues

September 13, 2016
Using music, posting photos and running contests on social can all come with significant legal considerations.
3 Social Media Marketing Legal Issues That Are Easy to Avoid | Social Media Today
June 20, 2015
Having a company social media policy is an imperative in all organizations. Social media policies protect both the organization and its employees by defining what behavior is acceptable online.This article outlines the case for why businesses need to develop an effective social media policy, and why those that have one probably need to review it.
Why you need to update your social media policy and tips for getting started
April 13, 2015
Social Media can be a significant element in many legal cases, including immigration matters. Social media postings on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms can provide proof of residency, marriage, and other vital data that can influence the final outcome of an immigration case. There are a number of cases in which information from social media may have a significant impact on the final decision by the authorities.
July 11, 2014
Many of us think that we don’t have to worry about the legal implications of our social media activity, especially if we do it “outside of work”. In reality - while the law is slow to catch up with new technologies - there has been an increase in social media court cases. Are you prepared? The lines between work and home are rapidly blurring, and businesses have to have good legal council to navigate this brave new world or you might find yourself in court.
May 10, 2014
There are certain ethical boundaries that define the law industry, and some people may argue social media hasn’t exactly made ethical dilemmas easy to solve. How has social media has impacted legal proceedings? And what does that mean for legal experts, or even members of a jury?
June 19, 2012
Robert McHale provides tips to help protect your business’s social network usernames, handles and domain names from brandjackers and cybersquatters.
May 13, 2012
On the global speaking circuit , I frequently get pushback from audience members who work in highly regulated industries. They claim, erroneously, that laws like HIPAA and regulations like those from the SEC forbid them from creating valuable content on the Web or engaging in social media. Nonsense...
February 27, 2012
The overreaching question that needs to be focused on then is whether or not Pinterest is in violation of US Copyright laws by using images created by another person to advertise and/or sell products.