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July 31, 2015
While the emphasis of the marketing world is increasingly focused on social media channels, tried and true outreach methods like newsletters can still be very effective. In this post, Chris Syme looks at how one company maximizes attention with their newsletter strategy.
How a Good Newsletter Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back | Social Media Today
March 27, 2015
Often through no fault of your own, some people will unsubscribe from your newsletters. But how many of you can say you have promptly removed these recipients off your mailing list? I personally have been subject to these annoying emails. Even though you have pressed unsubscribe, you continue to receive them. It really makes you despise the company doesn’t it? Why would anyone in their right mind ever want to buy anything from that company again?
March 14, 2015
According to the Nonprofit Communications Trends Report for 2015 , nonprofit marketers spend a great deal of time publishing email newsletters. After all, it’s one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with supporters.
nonprofit email newsletter tips
December 15, 2014
Just think about your inbox for a second. After the phone, email is likely the method you use most to communicate with others. When was the last time you had a personal conversation on Facebook? How often have you started a discussion on Twitter, then reverted to email to continue?
August 27, 2014
Lessons you can learn from our months running A/B tests on the subject lines of our emails.
September 17, 2010
As social media and blogging have grown more and more popular, there’s been some talk about the demise of the “lowly” email newsletter, or e-zine. Once a staple of business owners using the Internet to market and promote their businesses, it seems that lately the thinking is that they’re not so...
April 13, 2009
Au départ, je n'avais pas prévu de relayer l'article sur les 9 règles d'or pour gérer les désabonnements . Mais après une récente tentative de désinscription qui a tourné Ã l'insolite… impossible de laisser passer ce mauvais exemple. A ne pas suivre quand vous voulez respecter vos destinataires et...
January 17, 2008
I'm a member of the LinkedIn bloggers group where the following question was asked by one of the members... I have toyed with the idea of merging my e-newsletter & blog, and just going with the blog. The e-newsletter actually inspired the blog creation, and I used the topics from my newsletter...