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July 23, 2015
Be succinct. This is especially important for people who are seeing your content as part of a brand awareness initiative. Keep in mind the length of time required to fully grasp what you are sharing — especially if it requires an immediate action. Use the available data to optimize the length based on previous results that are as audience-specific as possible.
July 22, 2015
It’s never been more important to include paid social media as part of your digital marketing strategy. Between the completely ineffective reach of organic content on Facebook, the ridiculous potential exposure offered by Twitter, and the amount of time prospective customers spend on social media every week, if you’re not advertising on social, you’re seriously missing out.
The Top 10 Paid Social Media Hacks of All Time | Social Media Today
May 09, 2015
With the rise of paid social, it's essential to know which platform suits your business goals. Take a look at three of the biggest players in social ads, to see what their key similarities and differences are. And which one is best for your brand.
paid social
April 08, 2015
Paid search engine marketing (PPC) has been essential to the success of online B2B marketing for an incredibly long time (by digital marketing standards anyway). According to the CMI , it’s the type of paid media used most often by B2B Marketers, and is considered the most effective as well. But...
April 07, 2015
Most brands don’t need big fan or follower bases. The targeted paid content solutions in each platform is very good and getting better every day. If you want to reach a particular segment, you will do it with a thoughtful 3-step dance.
February 05, 2015
Social advertising is mainstream, but now social marketers need to strike the right balance between organic and paid impressions to drive the highest ROI.
January 29, 2015
The importance of a well-balanced marketing mix can’t be overstated. Let me give you a brief overview of each of the media types – paid, owned, and earned.
January 03, 2015
As consultants, it is our job to advise our clients about the best strategies and tactics to accomplish their business objectives. Sometimes this includes paid advertising. Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and other paid online advertising are very effective ways to get in front of an audience. There’s no denying this.
November 03, 2014
There are three types, each has certain advantages and disadvantages, but when used in concert represents an optimized approach for brands to ensure the maximum amount of prudent content gets seen and business goals are met.
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October 29, 2014
The Content Promotion Strategy Decision Tree is a flowchart designed to help you answer that question. Depending on your content marketing campaign’s timeframe, budget, and goals, you can determine whether an earned, owned, shared, paid, or converged media strategy makes the most sense for that campaign. You’ll also want to pay attention to which type of content fits into each strategy.