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November 23, 2015
As Pinterest draws more attention as a marketing channel, let’s look at a couple of campaigns - from two divergent sectors: home décor and dairy products - that used slightly different approaches to harvest the outcomes they wanted from Pinterest .
Adaptly helps Framebridge with Pinterest
November 20, 2015
For non-profits, tough economic times hampered by a slow recovery have dealt a major blow to organizations looking to make an impact in the world. Increasingly charitable organizations have turned to non-traditional means for raising awareness and reaching potential donors.
Pinterest Marketing
November 09, 2015
Pinterest has today unveiled its latest search addition – the ability to search for pinned content via image. The move could provide a great boost for on-platform discovery, and direct sales from Pinterest as a result.
Now, You Can Search Pinterest by Clicking on an Object within a Pin Image | Social Media Today
November 01, 2015
Having uniquely positioned itself within the social media network landscape as the place for planning and content discovery, Pinterest is a channel at the top of many brands’ minds for owned content publishing. In order to maximize the value of the channel, it is important that brands adhere to a few key principles.
How Content Wins on Pinterest
October 07, 2015
As the leading image curation site on the web, Pinterest has proven to be a top-tier social networking platform for small and large businesses. Given this, it goes without saying that it' s important to optimize your brand's Pinterest profile in order to make it the most appealing and engaging representation of your company and its products.
10 Pinterest Profile Must-Haves [Infographic] | Social Media Today
October 05, 2015
One of the hardest phases in the life of a successful social network is monetization. It's kind of like the pupa stage of a butterfly: there's a lot of crazy effort going on to make sure things come out beautifully, and no one really knows if it worked until the very end. Pinterest, however, seems to be getting through that particular transition with relative ease, as evidenced by their announcement that they had recently broken 60 million buyable pins.
pinterest buyable pins
October 03, 2015
Millennial moms are increasingly focused on visual content, especially when it comes to social media. Because of this, Pinterest stands out to this audience as an easy way to find visual inspiration. Millennial moms are 61% more likely to use Pinterest than the average adult because it provides exactly what they want – new, creative, and inspirational content. Pinterest has also successfully tapped into buying habits of moms, as 43% of moms bought something because they saw it on Pinterest – a statistic that highlights Pinterest’s marketing power.
Pinterest moms
September 24, 2015
While its marketing potential doesn’t get as big a focus as the major players, the numbers clearly show that there’s major potential in Pinterest. That platform recently announced it's hit 100 million users, and now they've released an infographic highlighting how shoppers use the site in the lead-up to Christmas.
More Shoppers Turning to Pinterest Ahead of Holiday Season Blitz [Infographic] | Social Media Today
September 24, 2015
Even though there has been a lot of press regarding Facebook´s newest enhancements, Pinterest still has something to brag about. As it turns out, the visual discovery tool is no lo nger a social channel to disregard, but a force to be reckoned wi th. According to the company´s blog post, Pinterest has now reached a creative community of more than 100 million users.
By Roxanne Ready via Flick
September 17, 2015
Pinterest hit a milestone this week, announcing that it has reached 100 million users, far exceeding the estimates of some analysts’ calculations earlier this year.