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sales funnel

January 29, 2017
Here are some key tips on building an audience via available outreach channels
Content Distribution and Promotion for Audience Acquisition | Social Media Today
December 27, 2016
Here's a simple, six-step guide to creating a more effective sales funnel for your business.
How to Create a Sales Funnel That Converts | Social Media Today
September 10, 2015
Driving real business from social media networks isn't easy as blasting out self-promotional content and hoping that users not only see the post, but actually click through and convert. Check out this 5-step social media funnel that you can use to drive tangible revenue from your social marketing efforts, and see examples of how other companies make use of the strategies involved.
The 5 Steps of a High Converting Social Media Campaign
June 07, 2015
Whether you're a small business or a Fortune 500 company, word of mouth referrals are likely your easiest way to drive new business. This post will detail how the sales funnel ties in with word of mouth marketing.
sales funnel - word of mouth marketing
October 22, 2014
The traditional funnel has worked well to drive sales using traditional marketing media, and there is no reason it should not work with today’s online media, particularly social networks.
October 16, 2014
A look at the three types of search and how you can optimise your website to generate better leads. In a time when getting found online is of the utmost importance, understanding how your potential audience searches for your content and the stage in which they are in when searching, can make a huge difference to your conversion rates.
July 18, 2014
"Dear Socially Stephanie: I understand that social media isn't a quick fix. But what does the social media funnel look like and how long do I have to be active for?"
December 09, 2013
RIP, good ol’ sales funnel. Deep in our hearts, we knew this day would come. Like used-car salesmen, the sales funnel was too polished and slick to survive in the chaos of social media today. Before online marketers and inside sales folks weep into their beers tonight, there may be a silver lining in this chaos.
December 02, 2013
An online sales funnel is not a whole lot different from a traditional sales funnel. Your online sales funnel is like the ‘road map’ or process that consumers go through from the moment they become a prospect, to the moment they purchase - and it all happens online.