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sales training

August 17, 2014
If the objective of a training program is for people to apply that learning in the workplace and make an observable difference to an organization’s results, then almost all corporate training fails to achieve its objective.
October 28, 2012
Your sales are where your profits reside. You can’t get to your profits without amassing sufficient and recurring sales. This is not a complicated equation, but somehow, business owners are still running themselves ragged when their sales are not up-to-speed.
October 19, 2012
Mr. B.J. (that’s him in the photo) is one of the best sellers I’ve ever seen in action. In fact, I’ve discussed how he and his sister Chloe sell and produce an incredible close ratio . But just as Mr. B.J. is an exceptional seller and can teach us a great deal about selling, he can teach us one of...
October 06, 2012
I “discovered” Mike Kunkle a while back through his contributions to the sales effectiveness discussion groups, his tweets, and his comments on various sales experts’ blogs. Whatever he’s written has been to-the-point, clearly articulated, and has oozed experience and knowledge. ES Research worked...
April 08, 2008
I've been avidly watching the HBO Series, John Adams , which is replete with quotations that students of American history absorb and recall, especially those of Benjamin Franklin, who would have been a power-blogger if he were alive today and who must have been followed by his private secretary...