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April 01, 2017
Snapchat's adding in a new discovery tool to help users uncover relevant Snap content.
Snapchat's Adding a New Content Search Option to Boost User Engagement | Social Media Today
March 24, 2017
Facebook is testing out a new way to help people find local businesses, using their advanced data capacity to personalize the results.
Facebook’s Testing Out a New, Advanced Local Search Feature | Social Media Today
February 07, 2017
Pinterest recently announced a new Search Ads option - here's an overview of the new function and its potential benefits.
Pinboard with thumbtacks in upper left corner
February 02, 2017
Google has launched a new recipe search function - and it looks a bit like Pinterest's Guided Search.
Google’s Added a New Recipe Search Function – and it Looks Familiar | Social Media Today
January 12, 2017
Snapchat's adding a new search bar to help users better navigate their contacts.
Snapchat’s Adding a New Search Bar, a First Step Towards Improved Search Functionality | Social Media Today
November 26, 2016
Search will be a big focus for Facebook in 2017. Here's why.
Why Search will be a Focus for Facebook in 2017 (and How it Will Impact Marketers) | Social Media Today
October 28, 2016
It’s easy to overlook your organic click-through rates on Google - after all, you’ve probably been lulled into believing that they’re not as important as other SEO metrics, such as inbound links.
August 18, 2016
How can Snapchat's acquisition of search app Vurb help them expand their offering? Contributor Justin Kerby examines in this post.
snapchat justin kerby vurb
August 15, 2016
Snapchat has reportedly purchased recommendation app Vurb for around $110 million, which could see the ephemeral content platform move into search.
Snapchat Moving into Search, Purchases Vurb for $110 Million | Social Media Today
January 14, 2016
As most of us know, Google has become incredibly efficient at detecting sites that use spammy link building tactics to manipulate search results. Most of these mass or automated tactics are now becoming obsolete and for good reason. Essentially, the idea that doing anything one at a time, or manually, is a waste of time is simply not true anymore. There has been a lot of talk recently within the SEO community about this monumental shift and what it means for the future of SEO, but we’ll save that discussion for another post.