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February 05, 2016
Social media is constantly evolving -- it seems like there is always something new and exciting going on. Of course, it's also hard to keep up with sometimes. How do know which new channels to focus on, and how do you use what's out there to increase your social media presence? How do you separate the passing fads for emerging trends that will stick around?
January 22, 2016
We all know that there are a million things you can do to improve your search rankings these days. Some experts will say to do this while others will say to do that. The one thing that most of them will all agree on though is that good, quality backlinks, are still the trump card when it comes to securing high rankings. At the end of the day though, a few questions remain. Where do you go to get quality backlinks? More importantly, how do you know if all your hard work is paying off? For this reason I’m going to share with you 3 tools I use on a regular bases. These are tools that will absolutely help you in your SEO efforts during 2016.
You Won’t Survive 2016 Without These  Must-Have  SEO Tools
January 15, 2016
Marketers are always looking at ways to beef up their SEO plans and boost traffic, while on the other hand, search engines are getting smarter and smarter every day. So where should you focus your time and effort? This infographic breaks down the key elements to consider.
Top 16 Most Effective Search Engine Optimization Tips [Infographic] | Social Media Today
January 14, 2016
The current business climate makes SEO all but a necessity. According to a survey by Yelp, 85% of people searching for the product or service that you offer, will begin their hunt online. If your website isn't coming up when someone types in those keywords, you better believe those customers are going to go somewhere else. However, one of the biggest obstacles to getting involved is understanding what you'll have to pay. How much does SEO cost anyway?
SEO Cost
January 14, 2016
As most of us know, Google has become incredibly efficient at detecting sites that use spammy link building tactics to manipulate search results. Most of these mass or automated tactics are now becoming obsolete and for good reason. Essentially, the idea that doing anything one at a time, or manually, is a waste of time is simply not true anymore. There has been a lot of talk recently within the SEO community about this monumental shift and what it means for the future of SEO, but we’ll save that discussion for another post.
January 13, 2016
SEO isn’t what it used to be, there’s no denying that. Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing and spam links unfairly boosting your search engine rankings. The fact of the matter is if you don’t stay current with Google and their frequent algorithm adjustments, you’ll be on the losing end of trying to boost your content to the top of the Search Engine Results.
The Key to Better Search Engine Rankings in 2016 | Social Media Today
January 05, 2016
As the world welcomes 2016, it is important for any content marketer to know what’s in and what’s out when it comes to content online. From virtual reality to the SEO in your mobile phone, here are the top content trends of 2016 that you need to watch out for.
January 04, 2016
Have whiplash from all the Google algorithm changes? Here's an animated infographic that summarizes the major updates Google made to their search engine algorithm last year.
December 31, 2015
So you’re going to do your own SEO. Where do you start? What’s the first step? Most SEO experts will tell you a campaign should begin with a good old fashioned competitive analysis.
SEO Analysis
December 29, 2015
A mistake many people make with keywords is they look at keywords from their side of things – the industry side – instead of taking it from the searcher’s point of view. Here's why search intent, and customer perspective, is crucial to the process.
The Key to Better Search Engine Rankings in 2016 | Social Media Today