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March 20, 2017
This infographic highlights some of the main social media headlines throughout 2016 and early 2017.
Social Media in the News 2016 – 2017 [Infographic] | Social Media Today
December 01, 2016
Here are some of the best, free resources on the web for learning about social and digital marketing.
9 Free Resources New Marketers Need to Bookmark by Justin Kerby
August 05, 2016
Do you struggle to keep up with the fast pace of social media? Here are some quick tips on ways to stay on top of the latest news.
How to Stay Up-To-Date With the Latest Social Media Changes | Social Media Today
May 27, 2016
A new report from Pew Research has shown that Facebook is becoming an increasingly important and influential news source for many users.
New Study Underlines Facebook’s Importance of Facebook as a News Source | Social Media Today
May 25, 2016
Twitter's announced a raft of changes to the way tweets function, including the removal of attached media from the 140 character count in tweets, and changes to how replied are composed.
May 24, 2016
Twitter has announced a range of coming changes, including exemptions to the 140 character limit and improvements to how you reply and interact via tweet.
Twitter Announces Exemptions to 140 Character Limit, Simplifies Response | Social Media Today
September 04, 2015
It seems like there is a new social media feature to master every day. Pagemodo has put together a quick round-up of the most significant recent changes on the biggest platforms, so you're aware of the current features and can determine which you should adopt for your own social strategy.
8 Social Media Updates Every Marketer Should Know Right Now | Social Media Today
August 04, 2015
Tracx Inc., the social business management platform, has announced that Rick Rudman will take over as CEO from Eran Gilad. Rudman had been serving as Chairman of the Tracx Board and replaces Eran Gilad. In an interview last night, Robin Fray Carey spoke to Rudman about the reasons for this change.
July 31, 2015
It’s been a tumultuous news week with bold magazine covers, the unfortunate tragedy of Cecil the lion, and it wouldn’t be 2015 without another GOP politician announcing his or her goal of being the next leader of the free world. Here's a review of the top trending social news stories from the last week of July 2015.
July 18, 2015
In case you missed it, Ariana Grande made headlines recently when she licked donuts on the counter of a Los Angeles-based donut shop. After seeing all of the criticism she received for her actions, the pop star's fans are backing her via social media.
Ariana Grande Donut Licking