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May 21, 2015
One of the best aspects of a career in social media is the huge growth potential. Every year, social networks emerge and expand. Audiences – and how we reach them – change just as often. Almost as quickly, a brand’s social media team of one transforms into a global program that spans across the organization… Out of necessity. But with great opportunities also come great challenges.
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May 16, 2015
Toward the end of April word leaked that Google+ would no longer be considered a product. Instead it would be a platform – ending its so-called competition with other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Google hasn’t released a bunch of details about the changes coming to Google+, but change is in the air.
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May 16, 2015
​ Instagram has become a dominant player in the social sphere especially in the last few years. The number of active users grows constantly making this a marketer’s gold mine. But how do you capitalize on all these active users? Better yet, how do you start an Instagram community?
May 14, 2015
Periscope and Meerkat the latest trends taking over Twitter (and now Facebook for Meerkat ) is live-streaming video. The apps have the potential to change the way we experience live events from afar, be they sports games or live news To get you started on creating a more customized Periscope and Meerkat experience here are a couple of ways that you can search for live-streaming videos on Twitter.
May 13, 2015
After months of rumors, Facebook has announced the arrival of "Instant Articles," an iPhone-only app (for now) that natively hosts publishers’ content, allowing users to view content without waiting for outside websites to load. The program will begin with just a few articles but is expected to expand quickly. Users should begin seeing glossy cover videos and photos tagged with map coordinates, and most important says Facebook, Instant Articles will load up to 10 times faster than they other forms of content.
May 09, 2015
With the rise of paid social, it's essential to know which platform suits your business goals. Take a look at three of the biggest players in social ads, to see what their key similarities and differences are. And which one is best for your brand.
paid social
May 02, 2015
Are you marketing your business on Twitter? If not, you should seriously consider getting started. According to Lori Taylor, the average Twitter user follows five or more businesses. Over a third (37%) of Twitter users will buy from a brand they follow. Here’s how to use Twitter like a pro.
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April 30, 2015
The content marketing engines are primed for the year ahead. According to the 2015 Content Marketing Report, 55% of B2B businesses surveyed are increasing their content marketing budget for 2015. While the financial spigots may be opening, producing quality content may still be a challenge. Time, talent and ideas will still restrict the volume of content that can be generated. To reach their content marketing goals businesses will need to be strategic in their approach. In this blog post we will look at seven smarter ways that you can repurpose content for your website.
Content Repurposing
April 26, 2015
Do you use a content calendar to plan your social media posts in advance? Are you wondering why you need a social media editorial calendar for your business?
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April 25, 2015
If you’re having trouble convincing your boss, business partners, clients or even yourself that social media marketing is worthwhile, then read on. Everyone talks about how social media builds brand and product awareness, but what does that mean, and how does it do that?
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