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March 26, 2015
So, you have decided it is time to launch a social media marketing campaign. Good for you! Whether you are just starting a business or you have finally decided it is time to jump on the social media bandwagon like everyone else, you need to know how to fast track your campaign.
March 25, 2015
If you’re in a small company, have a simple discussion with the leadership team. Ask them what types of social media related issues they want to be informed about urgently. By urgently I mean outside of normal reporting routines (yes you need to have a normal reporting routine, and no, annual reporting is not acceptable – go for bi-monthly at the longest). After you figure out what the leadership wants to hear about, make sure that you have the authority to seek help from them whenever you need it, and especially if you feel like you're out of your element.
7 Survial Tips for the Solo Social Media Strategist
March 19, 2015
It’s no accident that Coca Cola, McDonalds, and Red Bull have invested heavily in their Facebook pages. Currently, the Coke page has over 94 million fans; McDonalds has over 57 million; and Red Bull tallies over 46 million fans. A look at their pages shows constant updates, interesting content, and a variety of CTAs.
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March 19, 2015
The ultimate goal of any effective digital strategy is high levels of engagement from your online community. High engagement means you’re meeting the business goals you set out to achieve at strategy development stage. As marketers, it’s important that we measure everything. Quantifying the value of social media for your business just takes a little time investment to learn how to suitably leverage the tools at your disposal.
March 19, 2015
I always say … diving into social media for business is like baking sugar cookies without the sugar. Sure, it’s possible, but does it taste good? I see you shaking your head no … It’s a big world out there in the social realm. Don’t waste your time creating more noise – strategize. A social media...
Social Media Word Cloud
March 16, 2015
On social media, time is money. So, how can we get more followers, more shares, and more likes faster for less money? With a killer strategy. Here’s a few ways you can get more bang for your buck with your social media marketing campaigns.
Collaborate with your team to develop an effective social media strategy that saves time and money.
March 12, 2015
From two person teams to marketers with $10 million budgets, everyone feels as if they need more resources, but maybe we should focus more energy on figuring out what we can do to make the most of the resources we have. In order to optimize your resources, everyone should complete these 3 steps first: Write down your strategy, define your target personas, and create a promotion strategy.
March 07, 2015
While content is King, it has to be joined with other strategies to form an entire advertising package. By examining the visitors who didn’t convert, an organization can retarget specific traffic and promote the brand to all those individuals.
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February 27, 2015
You can’t sell to everyone. Instead, you must identify the people who care most about what you offer. That’s why successful marketing asks questions such as, "Can you clearly state the value you offer, so those who don’t care won’t waste your time?"
February 27, 2015
It is tempting to share content on everything. Instead become a thought leader in a few chosen topics. I personally only share content on social media, email marketing and Channel Marketing.