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June 14, 2017
This infographic talks about 8 ways to improve your social media marketing in 2017.
How to Be a Better Social Marketer in 2017 [Infographic]
March 29, 2016
Is your content consistent? Is it customized? Is it constructive? These are the key questions all content marketers need to ask - here are some tips on how to maximize your content efforts.
March 22, 2016
There's no shortage of blog posts out there that will tell you which social media channels you need to be on right now, but the short answer is this: you really need to be on the channels where your audience hangs out - which can mean something sort of complicated.
December 30, 2015
An effective digital marketing campaign will bring you more visibility online, more leads for your business, and more profits. Here are 5 effective ways of improving your digital marketing strategy.
November 30, 2015
Does your brand message stand out in the marketplace? Does your narrative convey bold ideas, new experiences and customer stories that engage and excite people to learn more about your company? Has your marketing team fully embraced the tools and techniques of content marketing? Or, are your efforts still being surpassed by more progressive competitors?
October 30, 2015
Social media marketing for long has been considered as the underdog. Since the early days of social media when marketers were skeptical about the effectiveness of this platform and it faced a lot of criticism, we’re now embracing social media as a solid platform that uses advertising options and plenty of free opportunities to make the content public.
September 08, 2015
A common stereotype about marketers labels us all as manipulators. And while this post may enforce that kind of thinking, hopefully it will remove the bad label that follows the word "manipulations" carries. Manipulation takes place in every office around the world, and in almost every client-service provider interaction.
social media manipulation tactics
September 04, 2015
In an era where smart watches exist , connectivity is proving to be crucial for any business to reach and communicate with current and potential customers. One of the most effective ways to connect the brand to consumers is through social media platforms. Here are a few tips for stepping up your social media strategy to improve overall business.
July 24, 2015
Measuring what matters doesn’t mean measuring the data that’s harder to find, it means measuring what you actually want to achieve, not what you think will affect it. So, while social metrics may be important KPIs, they should never form part of what you’re looking to achieve. Defining a clear business objective and figuring out how you will measure it plays an integral role in any strategy. And understanding the effectiveness of any channel in the long-term will ultimately lead to more long-term thinking and stronger business results further down the line.
June 05, 2015
Using social media to market your business has become practically essential. Everyone can become instantly connected to social media at any time with the shocking growth in the smartphone and tablet market. You, as a business, need to make use of this. Get people together and build a social media plan that will draw customers in and be successful.
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