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twitter campaigns

July 18, 2014
Running a Promoted Tweet Campaign on Twitter soon? Learn about 3 things you should be considering when it comes to your targeting, ad formulation and bidding.
May 11, 2010
Marketing is often at its most creative and edgy when it plugs into a hot topic or trend on what people are thinking. In the case of Pringles' ‘ The Oversharers' campaign it's annoyance at dull updates on Facebook, irrelevant Tweets and people sharing things that are ‘totally ridiculous' online. In...
April 10, 2009
I just read about the Twitter plans of DiGiorno Pizza in the US. It's a perfect example of getting over-excited about social media and putting the technology before the strategy. Here's a brand with the tagline “it's not delivery, it's DiGiorno” and yet in order to create some Twitter Buzz they are...