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How Much Will the Google Mobile Armageddon Affect Your Site Traffic?

You've probably heard by now how Google is going to start prioritizing mobile-friendly sites and results in their Google search, and likely seen lots of articles about how you need to hurry up to get mobile-friendly.

That's all very true, and for a good roll-up read, visit Eric Enge's post on the subject

But as you might be aware, I believe in using metrics to guide decisions. So in the interest of giving you, the reader, an easy to use set of metrics to help guide your decision, I've created an easy to install Google Analytics dashboard (pictured above).

Here's the link to install it on your Analytics.

In the example shown, one of my restaurant clients,

  • 44% of the site's total traffic came from Google Organic Search
  • 23% of the site's total traffic came from mobile Google Organic Search
  • 51% of the total Google Organic Search came from a mobile phone

Not shown here is how 27% of the site's total goal completions came from mobile Google Organic Search.

Rather than making rash decisions, either hurrying up to redo your website before the "deadline", or ignoring that deadline because you don't think it will have an affect on your site's traffic, use this Google Analytics dashboard (a quick click-to-install) to see for yourself. The amount may or may not surprise you!

To learn more about gaining actionable intelligence from Google Analytics, please visit our blog post on gaining Actionable Intelligence (like this) from your Google Analytics installation.

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