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SMToolbox: Cision Social Masters Content Marketing and Customer Service

Earlier this year, Cision launched Cision Social Edition, a tool to help content marketers and brands simply their social needs, extend the lifespan of content, and reach new audiences using sponsored placements, and more.

Taryn Bovee describes the thinking behind the product: “It was a response to segmentation. We wanted to build a unified suite from the ground up, all in one technology.”

That said, Cision Social is an all-around content management system where brands and agencies alike can publish, as well as monitor, content from a wide variety of sources, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Wordpress. But, in addition, the tool contains built-in customer service via Zendesk where users can create tickets for items that need attention -- such as, say, a red flag Twitter post -- so that other members of the team can find and address it as soon as possible.

Sources you can import into Cision Social.

Cision Social lets you filter your responses on social by positive and negative sentiment. It also lets you combine multiple search terms to create specific topic profiles in an intuitive, streamlined way. Also, in “Notifications,” users can set up triggers (say, for example, if a post with negative sentiment starts gaining mentions above a certain number), the tool will let you know when a potential crisis could be happening.

Over in analytics, the tool tracks mentions according to sentiment, isolates who your top influencers are, and, most importantly, lets you run comparison reports on multiple brands that show how the competition is doing in the same categories.


Mentions by age and gender.

So, in addition to being a cool, savvy tool for anyone doing brand management -- for brands alone who want to monitor and measure their content, or for agencies balancing multiple brands at once -- Cision Social also offers a unique task management system that ensures that high priority tasks on social don’t get lost in the shuffle. Managers can assign tasks to other employees, and likewise, posts can be sent up for approval -- all in one system. In an age when the numbers say that the majority of messages to brands are ignored, software with this level integration in mind is a valuable asset.

Photos courtesy of Cision.

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