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Game of Phones: Tech Plays in the Quest for the Iron Throne [Infographic]

Winter is coming. Eventually. And while we wait for the White Walkers to inevitably break through the wall and wreak havoc on Westeros, Game of Thrones will no doubt take us on many more twists and turns, with the new season set to get underway shortly.

To celebrate the series return, mobile advertising and analytics platform AppsFlyer has created an infographic that plays off of the hit TV series by using its syntax and geography to describe the battle currently taking place in the mobile landscape. Whereas in Game of Thrones the characters are battling over King's Landing and Volantis, today's tech giants are battling for control over "The Ad Lands", "The VR & AR Marshes" and "Wearables & IoT Mountains".

The infographic underlines the importance of these tech battles, what's at stake in each ‘land’, and the weapons being used by each of the major players in this epic digital battle. Sure, it may not be as flashy as Game of Thrones proper, but it sure looks it when you see it broken down into each map segment.

In addition, AppsFlyer has also created an interactive version of the infographic. It’s a fun way to look at the modern social media and tech space and imagine yourself as a modern day knight. Or something.

Check out the full infographic below.

Game of Phones: Tech Plays in the Quest for the Iron Throne [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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