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What Do Millennials Really Want From Mobile Apps? [Infographic]

When you think of Millennials - what immediately comes to mind?

Maybe 'youth'.

Maybe 'Snapchat'.

Maybe 'hipsters'.

Regardless of what initially comes to your mind, you should be thinking 'opportunity'.

You see, Millennials aren't the young whipper snappers they were back in 2008. Millennials are now walking amongst us with families of their own, businesses of their own, and with bank accounts that many brands are itching to crack.

One of the most interesting trends that Millennials have brought the world as we know it is the rise of mobile. The impact that mobile has had on our economy cannot be overstated, and the true possibilities are really still to come. There are plenty of mobile trends that are going to continue to shake up life as we know it.

But most brands aren't ready for it.

Most brands don't know what's ahead.

Most brands don't even know what Millennials want when it comes to mobile.

Businesses around the globe have invested millions of dollars into building mobile apps - some have gone on to become brilliant success stories, while others have fallen through the cracks. One of the best ways to increase the likelihood of success when it comes to launching an app it's understanding your audience.

So what are the priorities for Millennials when it comes to a mobile app? What do they REALLY want?

The team at MindSea has conducted a research study and designed this infographic to answer this very question.

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