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How to Turn Your Social Media Profiles into Your Resume

Unless you work completely out of the online world, our social media profiles are your best resumes. They are quick and easy to update and to share with potential recruiters. They not only list your work experience and education, but also show your skills, portfolio, and how you interact with others.

Here is how to best organize your social media profiles to turn them into an online resume.


1. Update your profile as soon as any changes happens in your work life: add new work experience, course, publication, skill, etc. Also update your summary to show your current objectives or simply mention you are seeking new opportunities.

2. Use the "add link/video/image/presentation" feature to showcase your writing/video/graphic skills relevant to your work or potential new job.

3. Answer job offers via LinkedIn to link your profiledirectly to your application.

4. List all your professional social media profiles, personal blogor website and best way to be contacted.

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1. Use your bio to quickly describe what you do and are interested in.

2. Use hashtags pertaining to your industry and potential job to drive recruiters to your profile.

3. Add an email address or link to your LinkedIn profile.

4. Be careful what you tweet as they can be potentially read by any recruiter.

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Be careful in using social networks like Facebook for profesional purposes as it is still perceives as a platform to interact mostly with friends. Make sure embarassing photos or private information are not visible by non-friends.

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