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How To Write A Wikipedia Entry

 How To Write A Wikipedia Entry

how to write wikipedia entry How To Write A Wikipedia Entry

When you’re searching for something on the internet you’ll notice that a vast majority of the time the first or second entry on Google’s search engine results page will be a Wikipedia link. To date, Wikipedia boasts an impressive 16 million articles, of which 3.3 million are in English. Currently, it is one of the largest and most popular reference sites available on the net. A large network of Wiki editors review all articles that are submitted and use a group approval system to determine if content will be published, or in some cases, banned.

Because Wikipedia is a wiki, anyone with access to a computer and a Wikipedia account can make edits to posted entries. It’s important to remember that jus because you post an article, you don’t own it and updates and changes can be made by others at large.

Although writing a Wikipedia article seems like an utterly simple task you’ll need to know a few basics in order to prevent your content from being deleted. Before you begin make sure that you’re writing from a neutral point of view (NPOV). The best way to approach a NPOV is to make your entry mirror what it would look like if you were to read it in a traditional encyclopedia. The content that you submit should be unbiased, verifiable, noteworthy and not breach copyright.

Wikipedia is a social community and it takes the content that users submit very seriously. If you’re not able to draft an article that follows Wiki’s protocols it will more than likely be deleted. The other thing to keep in mind is that not every brand, service or product can produce an entry that acceptable by Wiki standards for the simple reason that vanity, promotion and opinion are not looked upon favorably.

Before You Begin

If you’re still feeling optimistic enough to craft a Wiki article you’ll want to do the following first:

  • Search Wikipedia to confirm that an article doesn’t already exist.
  • Use alternate search terms just in case your article is labeled under a different heading.
  • Determine if your article is verifiable and noteworthy before you begin writing it.
  • Create a user account if you don’t presently have one.
  • Aim for an article that is a minimum of 1500 characters, but no more than 4,000 words.
  • Practice entering your article with the Wikipedia Sandbox first.

Actual Writing

Building your first Wiki article does take a bit of planning. You’ll want to structure your article so that it reads in chronological order. Next, make sure to gather your references and credible sources that you can cite to support what you’re saying. As you write, reference other Wiki articles by including links to them. This helps to substantiate your article and it cross-promotes other reference material on Wikipedia.

When you’re ready to submit your article to Wikipedia, you might be surprised to discover that you’ll need to use Wiki-style codes to achieve specific text attributes like boldface, italics and bullet points. Check out the cheat sheet so that you have an understanding of what needs to be input to achieve your desired result on the user end.

Even though Wikipedia sounds like a marketing dream come true you’ll learn that it doesn’t quite work the same way that a brochure or brand website does. Wiki entries are not promotional landing pages for businesses or individuals. Entries are informational and neutral and quite the opposite of a marketing tool. Once you make that connection you’ll be able to assemble a solid piece that meets the criteria set forth by Wikipedia.

Word To The Wise

If you submit a Wiki entry and it gets deleted and then you make edits to the same entry and continue to resubmit in an effort to get it published, you run the risk of being permanently banned and blacklisted from Wikipedia. Instead of repeating the same mistakes read over the guidelines and look at current entries to get a better sense and understanding of what an entry should sound, read and look like.

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  • Sep 21 Posted 3 years ago loftus49 Just joined. Commentary/submission of material to follow. Can I link to a dissertation?
  • Jul 28 Posted 3 years ago nani brown

    Waw! am pleased to be now able to write on the wiki. i so much wanted to enter some information about my new rising town which most people are interested to know more about it. thanks

  • Apr 7 Posted 4 years ago Johnno47

    Writing any wikipedia article is by far one of the most time consuming I have ever done, and to be honest I regretted it! If you are writing about something marginal (either a business or individual), Wizards of Wiki were fantastic with our company

  • Feb 9 Posted 5 years ago fredies

    But you should be very careful when you take the information from the Wiki - there are lots of mistakes and doubtful facts discribed.

    Fred, iphone app maker

  • Sep 17 Posted 5 years ago wikipedia writers (not verified)

    It is absolutely essential to have a neutral point of view when writing your Wikipedia entry hence it makes sense to have a third party do it for you. Cheers

  • Syed Noman Ali's picture
    May 6 Posted 6 years ago Clark

    I must say to write in wiki is on of the most difficult and risky job for me, but if your content approved by wikipedia so man , you neve expect the importnace of this content thanks Sarah Hartshorn.



    Clark Davidson

    Expertise: Facebook Application Development | iPhone App Development

  • Aug 27 Posted 6 years ago Facebook Developer (not verified)

    Wow! I was really confused on how to start on Wikipedia, In fact I was collectiong information regarding the same thing on how to write a wikipedia entry. I was planning to write a wiki entry about my company, I needed loads of information, guess you made it easier for me now :)

    Thanks for sharing! Your article helped a lot :)



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