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Must Attend #SocialShakeUp Panel: How to Maintain Community Engagement

Engagement is the holy grail in social media marketing. However, while everybody is talking about it, few do it well.

Buzz words like content marketing, mobile marketing and WOM distract many-a-marketer from what really matters: reaching business objectives.

Find out how to engage your community with a purpose at the Social Shake-Up on September 16, 2014, in Atlanta.

The panel I am honored to moderate: The Importance of Being Purposeful - How to Maintain Community Engagement, features some of the sharpest minds in social business marketing:

Social Shake Up Community PanelWhat to expect from this panel:

As a marketer, your end goal is to help your company sell more products and services. To reach this goal, you are tasked to influence the market.

  • Social media marketing is neither a past time nor should it be a loss item. To do your job, you have to be clear on your goals and then strategically plan their execution.
  • Community engagement is not a goal in itself but part of a strategy that supports your business goals, whether that is to create loyalty, save money or create revenue.

On this panel, brand leaders from Adobe, Hootsuite, and Polycomwill share their first-hand experience in

  • setting SMART goals
  • creating strategies that foster community engagement
  • leveraging influencers
  • generating content that supports your goals
  • finding and using tools and creating reports that help you succeed
  • selling social media inside your company (keyword: social business)
  • leveraging internal and external communities for goal-achievement
  • avoiding pitfalls and false advice
  • owned, earned and paid social media.

I will be moderating this panel with my distinguished peers and hope to see you at the event. Feel free to connect with us on Twitter ahead of time: @JeanetteG, @MariaPoveromo, @Petra1400, @NaThomson

Like most in-person events, networking is the most crucial and valuable take away, and the Social Shake-Up has the "who-is-who" in social media from Silicon Valley and the rest of the country. Don't miss out. It's one of the best social media events around.

Where: Social Shake-Up, Atlanta

What: The Importance of Being Purposeful - How to Maintain Community Engagement

When: September 16, 2014 at 3:15 PM

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