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Say Goodbye to Dead End Marketing... Use Twitter for Business

A poll carried out on LinkedIn in February 2012 indicated that the main reason for businesses using social networks for business is online networking.

LinkedIn Poll Feb 2012
LinkedIn Poll Feb 2012

Twitter can be used for so much more:


1. Enhanced Customer Service

Be proactive with customer service; give your customers direct access into your business. Make it easy for them to connect with you.

2. Attracting New Customers

By having open conversations within Twitter and your followers ReTweeting your Tweets. You attract potential customers to your business who may have not heard of you before. I initially call these followers sleepers and they may sit in your Twitter account for a long time before they move into becoming a potential customer or a customer.



3. Lead Generation

Not only can you identify specific people to follow and connect with but by being an active member of the Twitter community you will generate more enquiries for your business.


4. Brand Awareness

Other people who are ReTweeting your Tweets are sharing an element of your online brand with their followers for free.


5. Business Promotion

You get to directly market to people who are interested in your products and services.  No guessing...


6. Driving traffic to your Website

Traffic to your website will increase overtime and you will have more return visitors.


7. Building an Online Community

Twitter is very much a caring sharing community by creating a space to have online conversations you make your business more transparent and accessible. Nurture and help out your community by building a loyal following. Make recommendations for other businesses the same way you would at any networking event and work at strengthening your relationships.


8. Researching Competitors

Checkout to see what your competitors are doing, what are they saying, what are they promoting, who are they connecting with, what types of people are they attracting.


9. Researching Products

Ask your followers what they think of your products and services. Research keywords and see what people are saying via other podcasts and services.


10. Study Group

You can carry out polls and ask direct questions.


11. Identifying New Suppliers

Look for new suppliers and contact them direct…. Yes you will have to pick up the phone LOL.


12. Online Networking

Use Twitter to keep in contact with people you are already networking with and find new businesses to follow. I alone am connected to 500 businesses in Brighton and this number is growing.


13. PR

Be aware of what people are saying about your business and manage your online relationship before it manages you.


14. Creative Marketing

Twitter is great! It is instant.  There are a whole load of different free tools you can use in combination with Twitter to be able to market your business with Photos, videos, slide presentations, branding your avatar and Twitter background.


15. Competitions

Make it fun….Create specific competitions for the people who are using Twitter as a communication to engage, inspire and motivate.


16. Say Goodbye to Dead End Marketing 

Twitter acts as a complement to your current marketing mix, no more placing adverts in the newspaper, radio TV, newsletter, flyers with no place for people to connect with you.


17. Educating your audience

The Twitter community loves information; it loves you sharing your expertise this is the perfect opportunity for you to talk about your products and services. Storyboard a journey; break products down rather than talking about the end product.


18. Make Yourself Attractive

Give your business a human face share with your followers the things you are up to. Let people share your businesses journey.


19. Recruiting Staff

Look for new staff, post your requirements using specific hashtags.


What do you use Twitter for in your business?





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