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Top 10 Social Media Sites to Get Dofollow Links From in 2013

It is always a pleasant surprise after sharing a piece of content on social media to get a link to your site that is "dofollow" (not restricted from being followed by the search engines). This way, not only do you manage to expose your content to a lot of potential "direct" visitors, but also to improve its positions in the search engines for certain keywords.

Not all social links are dofollow. And normally, the more reputable a social site is, the more likely it is to make its outgoing links (especially comments links) nofollow in order to prevent spam. However, there are certain ways to get dofollow links to your posts from some of the major social media sites.

There is a plethora of social sharing and social bookmarking sites on the Web, but the majority of them are not really worth your attention, because you'd barely get any direct Web traffic from them. Instead, let's see what major, highly-trafficked social hubs allow you to do both: get visitors and PageRank value from your social links.

1. Google+

Not all links from Google+ that point to your content are dofollow. For example, the links you get when sharing text content are nofollow. The links people insert in their comments on Google+ are nofollow as well.

However, if you specifically click the link icon in the "Share what's new" section, the link you provide will be dofollow.



2. YouTube

YouTube allows you to add a description to any video you upload and to include a link to your site in that description. However, that link is nofollow.

Now, I’ve come up with a little trick that could get you a bit more value from your YouTube channel. J Thing is, you can add links to your channel’s header. And, the social links you add there are actually dofollow!

So, if you’re promoting a free-hosted WordPress site or a Tumblr blog, the link that you add to your YouTube channel’s header will be dofollow. But for that, the URL of your blog should end in,, etc.


So, as far as getting SEO value from YouTube links is concerned, here is the deal:

  • Social links in channel’s header are dofollow
  • Other links in channel’s header are nofollow
  • Links in YouTube video descriptions are nofollow

3. Pinterest

Apart from letting you bring the visual side of your brand into spotlight, Pinterest also lets you link to your site from your profile, and that profile link is actually dofollow.

Image Contrary to what it may look like, links in the "Pinned from…" box on Pinterest are actually internal and don't lead directly to your site. So, just keep that in mind.

4. LinkedIn

If you look at your LinkedIn feed, you'll see that it's full of links to third-party sites that are, in fact, dofollow. These are often short links (such as, but still pass PageRank via the 301 redirect.

However, if you search for these posts on Google, you won't find them, since Google doesn't really have access to a big part of LinkedIn content, and hence those links are likely not taken into account to determine your page ranking.

The only part of LinkedIn where I've seen links that may be capable of passing some SEO value is in "My Publications" in my public LinkedIn profile. Those links to my online posts are dofollow, however, these pages are accessible via 302 redirects.


Well, the official Google's on 302 redirect is that they are temporary, and hence such links don't pass PageRank. However, there have been multiple accounts by SEOs who have seen rankings boost from 302 links. This likely depends on how long your "temporary" redirect has been around.

5. WordPress

A WordPress blog takes only minutes to set up; and you can do it for free. It may be a great solution for anyone doing content marketing and looking to attract visitors to their site by means of publishing articles on third-party platforms.

When you create a post on a free-hosted WordPress blog, you have a choice of making links in it dofollow or nofollow (the CMS system allows you to do that). However, to prevent spam, WordPress nofollows all comment links and profile links by default.

6. Hubpages

You may've noticed that some "hubs" have dofollow links in them, while some have nofollowed ones. According to Hubpages themselves, either your account needs to have a particular number of points (75) or the score of that particular hub needs to be at least 40 for you to be able to provide dofollow links in your hubs. is pretty much like WordPress in the way they fight comment spam: it doesn’t let dofollow links in comments or profiles either.

7. Tumblr

Tumblr is another popular blogging platform that used to provide a loophole for unethical online promoters until recently. Before, if you reblogged a Tumblr post (as opposed to giving it a Like), the link in your profile which showed up in the trackback would magically become dofollow.

Right now it looks like Tumblr has caught up on that; and trackbacks from reblogged posts are now all nofollow.

However, if you simply share a link to your content on Tumblr by pressing the green Link button, that links will be dofollow. Besides, to encourage the Tumblr crowd to like or reblog your post, create a compelling custom title and description for your blurb.


8. Blogger (Blogspot)

As you probably know, Blogger is presently owned by Google. Many say that Blogger posts get indexed incredibly fast. Yet another advantage of having a presence on this platform is that the links you get from Blogger posts are dofollow.

Now, if you try to place a link into a comment to a Blogspot post, most likely your URL will not get converted into a hyperlink by default (at least I've never seen this happen).


But even when Blogger comments do have hyperlinks in them, those links are made nofollow, so you won't get SEO value there.

9. Reddit

Reddit is a popular social bookmarking site that lets you bookmark about any type of your content (images, videos, text, etc.). The great part about Reddit, is that it links to your post directly (not via a redirect), and that all links from it are dofollow.

So, if you haven't got a Reddit profile yet, it's probably worth setting up one. To bookmark a URL on Reddit, just click "Submit a new link" in the upper right corner.


10. BizSugar

BizSugar is a community where people create and/or share small business news and tips. So, if your content is around the topic of business, entrepreneurship, social media, online marketing or similar, go ahead and register with this site and click "Submit an Article" to proceed.


BizSugar employs a team of moderators to prevent mindless spamming, but the link you get to your content is actually dofollow. And, if your post gets a significant number of "Sugars" (upvotes), it's likely to get featured on BizSugar's homepage.

A way to speed up the process

Now, after going through the list, you may think "nahh, I don’t have the time to share each post on 10 different websites. Plus, I have Twitter and Facebook accounts to manage, too".

Well, there are social media management tools (like BuzzBundle, for instance) that allow you to share links on multiple social networks at once. Besides, many SMM tools let you store all your login information and accounts history in one place, which means you only need to log in to one app to post to the above-mentioned networks.


To sum it up, I'd like to mention there is no guarantee Google or other search engines will actually take those social links into account when assessing your page’s rankings. However, many site owners have observed their possible effectiveness.  For example, SearchMetrics recently did a study that demonstrated that higher rankings are often correlated with a big number of Google + shares the piece receives.  

Know another social media site that provides dofollow links? Do share your findings in comments!


Image credit: iStockPhoto by alexsl

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  • Jan 29 Posted 2 years ago rayhan

    This is great post for me. Its really usefull. I learn many things from this post.

  • onlinershub's picture
    Sep 27 Posted 2 years ago onlinershub

    Getting do follow backlinks from high authority sites like the 10 sites you mentioned above was really a headache for. I want to give you a thumbs up for doing this helpful & great posts for us webmasters. Thank you3x.

  • Sep 26 Posted 2 years ago temizlik şirketleri

    thank you

  • Jun 12 Posted 2 years ago Sabnam Sinthiya


    I used to share text links on google+. That was worthless!!! :(


    Btw, thanks for letting the world know about this.

  • May 2 Posted 3 years ago Adam Mayor

    you are so right my friend

  • Apr 18 Posted 3 years ago Paragon

    I say, if there is no need to have a profile in these sites, then it doesn't make sense to have a link from these sites. Creating an account just for the link and never using it again,.. isn't that a bit spammy?

  • Apr 17 Posted 3 years ago Josh4845

    Great post. Really useful (: Thanks, Alesia!

  • vemaybaydi's picture
    Apr 16 Posted 3 years ago vemaybaydi

    Hi u, Google does not seem to get the link dofollow?

  • Apr 15 Posted 3 years ago webapex

    Hi Alesia,

    Great info but some info is outdated example info about G+.

    Update would do lot more value.

    Good work.

  • Szymon Slowik's picture
    Apr 11 Posted 3 years ago Szymon Slowik

    It's not true that you can't add hyperlink in comments on blogspot. It's not clearly written nearby comment field but you can use some HTML tags in comments. Some are for decoration like b /b but you can also add link simply by using "a href". Anyway, good job with writing this article.

  • GeneS's picture
    Mar 19 Posted 3 years ago GeneS

    Hi Alesia,

    Great post.

    I'm too using these methods but not convienced about their impact. Even if Google does index the links, the pages on these sites receive no juice from the main domain. I have a feeling like all these acount URIs are practically confiend spaces. What do you think?

    And reddit, has some awkward linking method. As far as I can see it creates two linkes and uses one internally and one externally.

    Are there any other notable blogs where comments still generate link juice? I am promoting my app for local nightlife discovery but so far almost all blog comments are nofollow. Am I wasting my time?



  • Veram's picture
    Mar 4 Posted 3 years ago Veram


    I thank you for your article. In my backlinks search report, I got

    • a lot of "No (link Missing)"
    • a few of "Yes (Nofollow tag)"
    • some "Yes"

    Do you know what those "YES (Nofollow tag)" mean? Is it a DoFollow or a NoFollow link? I got thos,e for exemple for links from PINTEREST.

    Thank you

  • neman9's picture
    Mar 1 Posted 3 years ago neman9

    Ok this is disturbing. For last three months I am writing on a personal blog. Always heared about "Comment"'s SEO effectiveness. So I have been commenting here and there for quite sometime. Mostly on blogger. Please If you could answer one of my question "Commenting on do-follow sites helps?". Thank  you Alesia for the article. I guess It is not too late for working on the right course. 

  • Azhan Idris's picture
    Feb 7 Posted 3 years ago Azhan Idris

    I have commented to many social media neworks and put a link to my website and blog but when I checked using backlink checker, there are only some of it are dofollow backlinks. I did not know that until I read this post. Do I get dofollow backlink if I keep commenting on this blog?

  • Jan 24 Posted 3 years ago mohammedkaram

    Thanks Alesia for youseful PR and some of this info is new from like "Reddit".

  • Dragonza's picture
    Jan 11 Posted 3 years ago Dragonza

    great article :).

    But i think Pinterest has become a nofollow now :). But i will try out another one. Thanks for writing this article 

  • Dec 25 Posted 3 years ago altamiraweb

    Facebook also has dofollow links in the profile

  • Dec 19 Posted 3 years ago Felix Brown

    These sites are great places for getting a Do follow link as well as improving SEO. I didn’t know that Tumbler, Google + provide a do follow link. This post will be helpful for new bloggers like me.

  • Angelic Sanoy's picture
    Dec 15 Posted 3 years ago Angelic Sanoy

    This is so great, I've looking for best dofollow sites for my Atlanta SEO Expert keyword, Thanks a lot Alesia.

  • Dec 13 Posted 3 years ago FruityLOGIC Design

    Thank you very much, I was looking for do follow tips and your post clearly light my way. I also found some great tips from the comments, thanks guys.

  • Nov 22 Posted 3 years ago Robert1966

    These are the articles I love. I need to learn a lot yet end this article is very helpfull!

    thank you for sharing!!

  • Alesia Krush's picture
    Oct 28 Posted 3 years ago Alesia Krush

    Hi Peter, 

    Great catch, thank you!



  • Peter Watson's picture
    Oct 27 Posted 3 years ago Peter Watson

    Hi Alesia,

    You forgot to mention that the links on the about us page at Google + are also followed eg:


  • Oct 22 Posted 3 years ago MichellesPiano

    Great post thanks for sharing these great links.  I believe Reddit is nofollow until it's upvoted 3-4 times.  I'm not possitive about that though.

  • Jose from Boats Ibiza's picture
    Oct 20 Posted 3 years ago Jose from Boats...

    Hi Alesia, great work! Thanks so much!

    Most of the links you list on your post are dofollow. However the Pinterests ones seem to be nofollow, even after you verify your web site. I don't know if they have recently changed their policy of if there's anything I did wrong.

    I created my profile and uploaded my Ibiza boat blog and my Pinterest profile shows the link to my site and appears checked as verifies, but the link is NOfollow...

    The rest of the list works JUST FINE! Thanks so much! :-)

  • vincentgave's picture
    Oct 18 Posted 3 years ago vincentgave

    This is good articles, thank you! However, I think reddit only dofollow when you logged in.

  • Oct 18 Posted 3 years ago SPYINDIARAHUL

    Hi Alesia

    I am rahul sharma

    Thank you very much this post, this post is really very nice but i want to ask one question

    I try add my website URL for Youtube, I follow the exact steps as shown in your post, however I keep receiving this message "The URL does not match the given network"

  • Talha Ahmed's picture
    Oct 17 Posted 3 years ago Talha Ahmed

    I didn't try all the links you have mentioned, but the ones I did are dofollow....(including Pinterest) 

    Thanks a bunch Alesia. You are amazing !

  • servfunerare's picture
    Oct 16 Posted 3 years ago servfunerare

    Thank you!

    More links pls.

  • Alesia Krush's picture
    Oct 14 Posted 3 years ago Alesia Krush

    Ram, thanks for the comment.

    As far as I've probed, YouTube and Pinterest let one put both types of links to a piece of content. Depending on where in the network the link is located, it can be either dofollow or nofollow. In the post, I spoke about the places dofollow links were to be found.

    As far as Reddit is concerned, all the links I've been adding to it have been dofollow. However, if you have an example which states the contrary, please share it ;) 



  • ramshengale's picture
    Oct 14 Posted 3 years ago ramshengale

    Well most of the links you have said to be as Dofollow are not.

    Youtube - Nofollow

    Pinterest - Nofollow

    Reddit - Nofollow

  • Ant J's picture
    Oct 13 Posted 3 years ago Ant J

    thank you for the article, very useful to me

  • Oct 7 Posted 3 years ago Alex Thompson

    Hi..Its a very useful article..Thanks to all...

  • Oct 1 Posted 3 years ago afzar door


  • Oct 1 Posted 3 years ago Rankography

    No the Pinterest pins are actually nofollow.  They are dofollow internally on Pinterest, but then when you get to the actual outbound link it is nofollow.

    I have been using Kumbuya for links and its a good suggestion.  All their links are dofollow

  • Sep 27 Posted 3 years ago كاميرات مراقبة

    really your article it is so great and i learned alot from it

    and i agree with the member above who said about  . it also great

  • Sep 26 Posted 3 years ago RoundersBuzz

    Great article really appreciate the information.  I do think all the Pins on Pinterest may be dofollow now not just profile links.  But if you put a link in a description then that is no follow, so they only give you one dofollow link per pin.

    Also another social media site with dofollow links is Kumbuya -- it is a social sharing site focused around interest communities.  Anyone that joins a community can post a link, photo, video etc into that community.

  • Sep 20 Posted 3 years ago sureyea

    Alesia Krush this is really a nice article, But what you mentioned about LinkedIn publications doesn't looks like a dofollow.

    The truth is the link from LinkedIn is not a direct link its a redirect so it looks like a dofollow link for us. But for crawlers its actually a nofollow link.

    For example this link points to my site from LinkedIn

    What linkedin do is they just block search engines in robots.txt

    Disallow: /redir/ however the what is written is really cool.



  • Entreb's picture
    Sep 15 Posted 3 years ago Entreb

    Thank you for sharing these important SEO and social media tips. I am a member of the Bizsugar community, and I must say it really helps to promote my blog in there. But in order to benefit from it, we have to share only what we think will be helpful to the community. Articles that get hot on there go to their homepage. And since it's a community of business bloggers, your hot article can also be featured by some of the top blogs who are owned by the members in that community.

  • Sep 3 Posted 3 years ago Phil Singleton

    Do you think acquiring dofollow links from targeted blogs still effective today?

  • Aug 30 Posted 3 years ago efradea.mahara

    This is good articles, thank you! However, I think reddit only dofollow when you logged in. After you logged out, the link will become nofollow. also give dofollow with keywords anchor tags. Thanks again!

  • Aug 29 Posted 3 years ago tirengarfio

    Hi, could you give more detailed steps to publish dofollow links in Youtube? I can not find the way..


  • Aug 14 Posted 3 years ago seo100

    Ahh I understand! Thank you very much for letting me know :)

    All the best,


  • Alesia Krush's picture
    Aug 14 Posted 3 years ago Alesia Krush

    Hi Tom, 


    To answer your question, YouTube links work for free-hosted WordPress and Tumblr blogs, that is, the URL of your site should contain .wordpress or .tumblr in it. Otherwise YouTube will keep saying it doesn't match. 

    So, even if you have a WordPress site but the URLdoesn't end with, it won't let you add a link :(



  • Matt Massaro's picture
    Aug 13 Posted 3 years ago Matt Massaro

    Notice no Twitter or Facebook on there :p

  • Aug 13 Posted 3 years ago seo100

    Hi Alesia

    Thank you very much this post, these little tricks will prove him invaluable especially with the weight Google place behind social websites.

    One question please - when I try add my website URL for Youtube, I follow the exact steps as shown in your post, however I keep receiving this message "The URL does not match the given network"

    The website is built on wordpress and I select the wordpress option but it still doesn't work for me.

    My Google + profile works but not my website. Is there something I am doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance for your help,


  • nursecallalarms's picture
    Aug 2 Posted 3 years ago nursecallalarms

    Hi Alesia

    Great post, a lot of these links I had already created but its always good to come across a new one every now and again, so thank you for giving out indepth information. The world of SEO has changed so dramatically since google brought out its new algorithms and I still feel a lot of people are stumbling around in the dark, but there can be no doubt the old ways are the best and thats finding good strong backlinks to your page

  • Alesia Krush's picture
    Aug 2 Posted 3 years ago Alesia Krush

    Hi Andrew,

    Thank you! Looks like you really went an extra mile :)

    I'm following you on Twitter now.



  • Alesia Krush's picture
    Aug 1 Posted 3 years ago Alesia Krush

    I have a StumbleUpon account. I think this service is rather intuitive and always manages to surprise me :)

    However, when it comes to links, I don't think it gives you any dofollow links to your content. From what I understand, StumbleUpon uses direct linking to display content from other websites.






  • AndrewBenjee's picture
    Aug 1 Posted 3 years ago AndrewBenjee

    Hi Alesia,

    This was truly an awesome article and I enjoyed reading every bit of it, speically the one about Bizsugar.

    I have not only read this article but shared and thanks you via gtalk and also shared on my Linkedin and twitter profile.

    God bless.




  • Tammy Emineth's picture
    Jul 31 Posted 3 years ago Tammy Emineth

    What do you think about StumbleUpon?

  • Alesia Krush's picture
    Jul 30 Posted 3 years ago Alesia Krush

    Thank you, Andy!

    I would also urge everyone to participate with these sites responsibly.  ;)







  • Alesia Krush's picture
    Jul 30 Posted 3 years ago Alesia Krush

    Thanks, Emil!

  • Jul 30 Posted 3 years ago Emil Petkov

    Great article :)

    Still - you missed one - - by default their links are nofollow, but if you complete your page (not with autogenerated content) and drop them a mail they make all links dofollow.


  • Jul 30 Posted 3 years ago AndyP_cymmo

    These are the sort of articles I love to stumble across. I have already applied the Linkedin and the google + techniques!

    I have never heard of Bizsugar either so will give that a go too.

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