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Using PPC Data to Your SEO Advantage


In the past, PPC and SEO were usually kept separate, but the lines quickly became blurred as marketers began to realize that the PPC data gathered could really help a company’s SEO efforts succeed. The opposite is true as well, but PPC skills usually come before SEO skills for many companies. In other words, this is a great way to kick off a brand new SEO campaign or improve an existing one. Use what you know to help give you an edge about what you don’t know. Ask yourself: How can I use my PPC data to my SEO advantage?

Getting Started with PPC Data for SEO Improvement

Every good SEO campaign uses the information of many different outlets, but companies typically following the hype and run to social media data first, forgetting all the rest. PPC data, however, can help a company’s SEO efforts in many different ways. It all starts with keyword analysis.

Step #1: Consider the keyword terms that are working well for your PPC campaign.

Step #2: Take these keyword terms and find the conversion rates for each of the terms. You don’t want to focus on the number of visits because the quality of these visits is what is so important for SEO.

Step #3: Don’t forget to consider your landing pages for these terms. Check the bounce rate and make sure that the keyword terms actually have something to do with your pages. After all, you do make different choices when you’re paying for a spot on a SERP (you might have the terms going to a specific PPC landing page you created).

Step #4: Consider your audience. Are the terms your analyzing more focused on giving information to someone or making a sale? If you want to use the terms (and their landing pages) for organic, you’re going to want something that is more information than a sales pitch.

Step #5: Make some slight revisions. Once you have really narrowed down all of the keywords that work for PPC and might potentially work for organic, make some revisions and try to perfect these keywords. Give them a try and you might be very surprised.

It’s important that you continually go back (once every few months) and go through this process again. Your keyword terms are going to change, and you’re going to want your organic terms to change, so keep analysis and seeing what you can gather from your PPC data.

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