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How Important Is It To Refresh Your Social Media Strategy?

It is essential that businesses make the most out of their social media offerings. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn; these sources can provide a useful outlet for sales as well as customer feedback. However, if you are not making the most out of them this can cause significant hindrances and you may have to review your social media use and the ways in which your business can refresh your social media strategy. Are you getting the most out of your social media?

BT Business recently provided an excellent round-up of top tips to adjusting your strategy.

Below are a number of key tips from the guide.

Timely Tweets

Online tools such as Tweriod can allow you to find out what time and what date your followers are tweeting. This will give you an ideal time-frame of when to target your audience. Simply enter your handle and the tool will do the rest of the work.

Replying to your customers immediately will show that you are attentive this will make the customer feel valued.

Importance of Hashtags

Be careful what bandwagon you are jumping on when you use hashtags. Ensure to research a hashtag and keep an eye on what is trending. Try and invent your own hashtag!

Pictures speak a thousand words

An image can often have the effect of immediacy. Social media followers respond well to imagery and according to statistics a photo can boost the chance of a retweet by 35%. Use images that are useful to your industry and don’t overpopulate your social media channels with too many images.

Tweet quality and quantity

Research has shown that between one and four tweets is best for engagement with followers and influencers. It has also been highlighted that 9am-11am, midday and the hours between 7pm-10pm are the busiest for social media usage.

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