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Hootsuite Announces Instagram Integration

In a major addition for the social media management platform, Hootsuite has announced that Instagram will now be supported by the Hoostuite dashboard. While users have been able to monitor and track Instagram content for some time via third-party apps, Instagram will now be fully integrated into the Hootsuite experience, enabling users to schedule and publish Instagram content, monitor and engage with Instagram audiences and create team workflows – including shared access with team members - all from the one platform.

Hootsuite Announces Instagram Integration | Social Media TodayThe ability to schedule Instagram content will be a major boost for Hootsuite users. Users of Sprout Social, a rival social media management tool, have been able to monitor and comment on Instagram content for the last month or so, though Sprout doesn’t allow users to publish content via the platform. Instagram’s integration with Hootsuite will enable posting functionality – users will be able to edit and schedule content alongside their regular networks within the dashboard, providing content oversight and ease of use. In the official release, Hootsuite notes that Instagram integration has been one of their most requested features for some time.

To set up and use Instagram within your Hootsuite dashboard, you first need to add your Instagram account/s to your Hootsuite dashboard:

Hootsuite Announces Instagram Integration | Social Media TodayOnce added, you can set up streams to monitor your home feed to see what users you follow are posting, you can monitor your own posts to track your own content, you can set up a stream of your scheduled posts or you can search Instagram for a specific hashtag or keyword. Basically, everything you can do in Instagram, you can now do within Hootsuite.

Hootsuite has been steadily growing and expanding its core user-base in recent years. Founded in 2008, the social media management platform now serves more than 10 million users across 175 countries. With Instagram adoption growing at a rapid rate, the additional functionality will no doubt drive more users to the Hootsuite platform to assist in their social media management and content planning strategies.

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  • Aug 5 Posted 1 year ago JSchaeffler
    Hi Michelle. Andrew is correct - Instagram's Advertising API announcement is separate from Hootsuite's Instagram integration announcement. What we at Hootsuite announced is that we're rolling out native Instagram integration.  
    Hootsuite users can now manage their Instagram accounts and schedule content to Instagram from Hootsuite. However you will still have to post from your Instagram app (This is compliant with Instagram's Terms & Conditions).  For more details go to the Instagram section of our website and check out our blog for more details.  Any questions, feel free to contact me @JSchaeffler.
  • adhutchinson's picture
    Aug 5 Posted 1 year ago adhutchinson

    Hi Michelle - no confusion, though I can see where you're coming from. The Instagram integration will go live for all users tomorrow, so it may not appear as shown for you right now. Hootsuite's inclusion as one of the partners in Instagram's new advertising API is a separate announcement.

  • cheldear's picture
    Aug 4 Posted 1 year ago cheldear There appears to be two different sets of information regarding the API parternship and the Hootsuite publishing structure that is being released. I have tested this in my Hootsuite Pro account, and I have not found the information above to be accurate with respect to publishing posts to Insta.

    The first set of information that is being delivered is that the Instagram API Parternship is specifically an advertising interface--not for standard post publishing.

    The second set of information that is being disseminated is that the Instagram API Partnership includes publishing Instagram posts for all through the API for these specific partners, such as is being indicated by your article (as I understand it.)

    This differing information can be verified through various online articles and searching on Twitter, and the responses to those tweets.

    My testing on my Hootsuite Pro account supports the former position--that as a standard consumer of Instagram who posts for my clients, and does not advertising, I cannot publish posts to Instagram, but can, as per usual, view my feeds. When I attempt to publish to a social account, however, Instagram is not an option--only the standard social account are available, even though I have connected Instagram.

    I was wondering if the author could go back and reverify the information for clarification, as I have not been able to find the information on Hootsuite's website or blog.

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