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How to Live-Stream Like a Pro [Infographic]

Live-streaming is on the rise, with a growing number of people and platforms looking to get in on the trend. The new wave of live-streaming - facilitated by advancements in both mobile and network technology - started out with Meerkat back in March 2015, followed by Periscope shortly after. The popularity of those apps also saw newer players like Blab join in, and all of this attention obviously caught the eye of Facebook, with The Social Network introducing their own live-streaming option to also tap into the new craze. 

Video has become a key element of the modern social media experience - really, people are looking for the best way possible to help share their perspective with the world through social networks, and no other current option does this as well as live.

Businesses too have been looking to get into the live-streaming game, and for good reason. According to research, 79% of businesses perceive live video as a more authentic way to connect with audiences, while users are 10x more likely to comment on video than on other forms of media. And given the emphasis Facebook, in particular, puts on engagement in determining the reach of content, those levels of response are extremely attractive for brands.

To provide some perspective on the current state of live-streaming, and some tips on what works best in live-stream content, Marketo and Column Five have teamed up to create this new infographic. Check it out and use the advice to help improve your live-streaming game.

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