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Pinterest Releases New Data on How People Use the Platform for Wedding Plans

If your business operates in the wedding industry, you likely already know that Pinterest is an important platform.

But in case you didn’t, it is.

Pinterest recently commissioned a study by research firm DeepFocus to examine wedding-related Pins and Pin activity to get an idea of just how big weddings are on the platform. They found that over 40 million people “turn to Pinterest for guidance across the wedding planner journey” every year.

Pinterest Releases New Data on How People Use the Platform for Wedding Plans | Social Media TodayPinterest also notes that January through to March are the busiest months for wedding planning, while people also start using Pinterest earlier than other wedding sites, “when they’re still in discovery mode and looking for ideas that spark their interest”.

As noted, those findings are probably not ground-breaking, but they may serve as a reminder for brands associated with the wedding industry that the platform is worth their time.

In addition, the DeepFocus research team also found that:

  • Pinners are more involved wedding planners than non-Pinners
  • Per year, Pinners save nearly 900 million Pins about weddings
  • Pinners conduct 378 million wedding-related searches every year
  • 27% of Pinners plan for their wedding several times a day, compared to 18% of non-Pinners

Those are fairly compelling stats. Pinterest also highlights how one brand, David’s Bridal, has used Pinterest’s API to create a quiz which helps engage brides to be in the initial stages of the process, guiding them to potential designs for their wedding dress.

“Quiz questions cover a range of wedding topics, from color preferences to dress styles. The answers populate a custom board with Pins for personalized invitations, wedding themes and more. The “Be Your Own Bride” quiz links to a broader campaign that encourages women to put a personal spin on their weddings.”

Pinterest Releases New Data on How People Use the Platform for Wedding Plans | Social Media TodayWhile the links between the planning and shopping potential of Pinterest and weddings is no surprise, the research may help provide some additional context for brands as to how they should go about focusing their Pinterest outreach, and how they can maximize their results.

And another important note – Pinterest says that 81% of engaged Pinners start planning on Pinterest before they’re even engaged.

The opportunity to reach these users is only going to expand with the addition of Pinterest’s new Pinterest Lens, which enables people to scan real world objects and find related Pin matches, and ‘Shop the Look’ Pins.

It doesn’t get as much focus as the bigger platform, and its 150 million monthly active users is dwarfed by both Facebook and similarly visual-focused Instagram, but Pinterest users come to the platform to shop.

Worth considering in your wedding-themed strategies. 

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