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Top Social Media Trends in Staffing and Recruiting [Infographic]

This year, more than ever, recruiters are making social media work for them. These sites help employees and customers evangelize businesses with honest insight into what a company is like. Of course, each site offers its own unique advantages.

On Facebook, your Business Page can be a hub where you post industry updates, events, photos, and other messages. LinkedIn is a recruiter’s go-to social media site, and your company and employees need to have a presence there. Before applying for a job, 76% of job applicants viewed profiles from the company’s employees. Twitter and Google also play large roles in recruiting: Use them to connect with and vet candidates, and find out what people are saying about you using hashtags and Google Alerts.

These sites are a boon for recruiters. Use them well, and you’ll find they’ve become a important tool. Check out this infographic for more on how recruiting and staffing agencies should be using social media in 2016.

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Top 2016 Social Media Trends in Staffing and Recruiting

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  • Sheersocial's picture
    Mar 2 Posted 1 year ago Sheersocial

    Hi AJ!

    Great post and infographic for recruiters.  As a social media marketing professional I'd like you insights on how video is becoming more of tool in the interviewing and recruitment process.  As I've been teaching students about LinkedIn, I've mentioned one of the best ways to stand out from the competition would be to create an introductory video.

    To you knowledge how often is Google Hangouts, Skype, etc becoming a real trend in the hiring process? Do you know of any companies using video to screen applicants? Thanks for your insights.

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