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Video Consumption on Twitter has Grown 220x in Last 12 Months [Infographic]

Twitter’s launched a new ‘Twitter ads playbook’ which looks at the latest platform options around video and promotional devices to help businesses maximize the reach and response of their campaigns via tweet. As part of this, Twitter’s also released a range of new data insights, including some amazing stats around video consumption on the platform, which they’ve built into a new infographic (below).

The rise of video content on social platforms has been well documented - most prominently represented by the rise in video views on Facebook (now up to 8 billion video views per day) and Snapchat (10 billion video views per day). A study by Zenith Optimedia published last year noted that online video is the fastest growing category of internet advertising, and predicted that online video’s share of adspend will continue to increase in the foreseeable future, accounting for around $23.7 billion in total allocation by 2017.

Twitter, too, has seen increased attention in their video offerings – in the data below (and in the new playbook), Twitter notes that:

  • Video consumption on the platform has grown a massive 220x in the last 12 months
  • Tweets with video are re-tweeted 6x more often than those without
  • 93% of all Twitter video views are conducted via mobile device

If you’re considering using Twitter for advertising, the new playbook is worth a look – it provides a heap of stats and data points to help provide direction around how you go about maximizing your tweet campaign.

And even if you’re not sure, the below infographic might provide some additional context as to why Twitter might work for your brand – and how video, in particular, can help boost tweet performance.

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