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6 Twitter Functions You’re Probably Not Using

It’s estimated that 44% of registered Twitter users never tweet.  Almost half of Twitter nation does not use its main function!  Furthermore, a number of the platform’s functions go unutilized or unnoticed.

Confucius once observed, “An unused handle gains no entry.”  No, I made that up, but it inspires reason to pay better attention to the following six (probably unused) Twitter functions.

1. Change That Pass

Half of Americans will be hacked this year, aiding, abetting, and making excuses such as, “It won’t happen to me.”

I did a bit of amateur ‘hacking,’ rearing attention at notary brands and personalities. Guessing at the obvious regarding a brand or person’s name, along with a few numbers (1, 2, 3 ,4..) to follow, I attempted access.

Guess what?  I accessed more than a couple!

Don’t make excuses in maintaining the same codes.  Change easy-to-guess passwords…now.  KeePass, LastPass, Password Genie and other security solutions help generate difficult-to-guess passes and remind to change them regularly.  Don’t be lazy, or worse, sorry.  Change that pass!

2. Revoke App Access

If it can happen to Bieber, it can happen to us.  Security gurus agree.  It’s best practice to revoke access regarding web applications connected to your Twitter account and information.  

From your ‘Edit Profile’ screen, choose the ‘Apps’ option to view dates, times and third-party applications (still) accessing your account.  You reserve the right (and encouraged) to revoke access.  If you have revocation issues, contact Twitter for further help and prevention.

3. Become a Translator

Would you like inside Twitter info?  Become a (non-paid) official translator.  The Twitter Translation Center wants to hire those fluent in multiple languages to translate tweets, eventually earning an honorary badge.

Aside from the associated altruism, getting previews of modifications and inside information is not a bad thing for marketers and businesspeople.  Furthermore, let’s assume one’s popularity and authority increases upon earning a badge and serving as a significant cog in an entire culture’s social wheel.  Be a do-gooder and get glimpses of Twitter from the inside at the same time.

4. Customize the Background

It’s the beginning of football season, or if you’re a baseball fan, the Fall Classic approaches.  If you adore the beach, you appreciate sunny backgrounds, yet if you love mountains and skiing, you awe at depictions of the Swiss Alps.

Twitter connects people and similarities help people connect.  Show personality, featuring a favorite sports team, hobby, text (inspirational quotes) and rotate customized backgrounds of potentially shared interests.  To be (even) more social, tweet your backgrounds to gain the attention of more birds with one post.

5. Use Widgets in Bylines

“Follow me on Twitter” and “Like us on Facebook” are commonplace gestures.  We’ve all been exposed to those notions, mostly ignoring them as we often dismiss on-page ads.  However, as Seth Godin points out, purple cows earn attention due their dissimilarity.  The eventual end of getting followers and attention is the same, but using a widget in a byline is a ‘purple’ means to the end as compared to the majority.

From your ‘Edit Profile’ screen, choose the ‘Widgets’ option and get to work configuring an optimal height, theme, and link color (And, be sure to ask the publisher if destined for a guest post byline.)  Use the generated widget to integrate into author bylines.  Rather text, people see real-time reflections of your ongoing tweets, unique and great for exposure.

6. Regulate the Notifications

If you’re popular, or running multiple in-house and client accounts, you’re getting an endless stream of notifications.  There’s no doubt we get that fuzzy, warm old-school ‘You.have.messages.’ feeling, reminiscent of the days of answering machines, upon receiving notices of favorites, retweets, new followers, personal messages…you get the point.  Yet, you can tone down the noise and regulate your inbox in seconds.  

Don’t let the news stream drown you; drown it out from your profile settings, regulating when you receive notifications and harnessing the option to turn notifications off altogether.  Sometimes, no news is good news when trying to concentrate on a project and in need of fewer distractions.

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