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October 02, 2015
I kind of feel like news stories concerning the money that goes into the ad spending of presidential campaigns should be accompanied by a live video stream of a normal person reacting to it. For example, a recent report by Marty Swant in AdWeek lays out some basic facts about ad spending in the current election cycle. But, because of its non-editorial nature, the story lacks a certain amount of context, at least on the level of common sense.
presidential politics money
October 01, 2015
Today's customers have become incredibly jaded towards ads, and filter out marketing that does not instantly resonate with their needs. Marketers must fight ad-weariness by employing newer and better techniques to send personalized, relevant messages to their buyers. The turning point against the rising tide of skepticism? Triggered messages.
Triggered Messages
September 24, 2015
There has been a lot of recent conversation about ad blocking: why more consumers are doing it, how more consumers are doing it, and how brands may get around it. Ad blocking is not a new trend. As Seth Godin recently noted, "Of course, people have been blocking ads forever. By ignoring them."
September 23, 2015
For those not working in the marketing or advertising industry, native advertising is a tricky, morally ambiguous if not outright ethically dubious proposition. The practice, in which "online advertising ... matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears," blurs if not outright obliterates the line between advertising and editorial. But native advertising can also ask other questions: What about when it's good? What does it mean when native advertising leads to good, innovative journalism?
netflix native ads
September 17, 2015
Nilay Patel has an incredibly interesting article up on the Verge titled, "Welcome to hell: Apple vs Google vs Facebook and the slow death of the web." While this title may be a tad overdramatic, the implications of Patel's argument are huge for the web, and dire for any kind of small publisher or online content creator without enough leverage to play with the big boys.
Google ads
September 16, 2015
Advertising on Instagram has been on everyone’s lips recently. With last week’s announcement of a global launch and suite of additional products (including 30-second video ads and a guaranteed delivery premium product) the fervor has only heightened.
September 08, 2015
In leaked findings reported to Digiday , an agency found that the majority of 10 second video ads placed on Snapchat are not watched beyond the 3-second mark.
September 02, 2015
Instagram ads are finally here and live for the majority of advertisers. We've had access for a couple of days so wanted to share how to create Instagram ads and share some things to look out for.
Instagram Ads
September 01, 2015
We gather here today to sort-of commemorate the probably-very-soon passing of one of the more annoying (former) necessities of web browsing. Adobe Flash, we hardly knew ye.
Adobe flash
August 28, 2015
So they say: no two social networks are alike. And if you’ve got a tight budget, or not much time, you might be wondering where to focus your social media advertising efforts. Facebook, the titan, has the most users, but what’s the value in that if the market you’d actually be better at penetrating is Pinterest ?