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February 26, 2017
What are the legal restrictions on using music in your content - and does adding music generate better results?
Exploring the Legal and Creative Aspects of Using Music in Social Media Campaigns | Social Media Today
February 24, 2017
Sprout Social has released a new report which looks at the key social media habits and trends among different age groups.
New Report Shows Social Media Preferences and Habits Among Generations | Social Media Today
January 10, 2017
Your ability to engage with the world depends on your ability to see, and respect, just how diverse the people around you are.
September 26, 2016
Are you having trouble building your social media following? There may be a logical reason, and an easy fix.
10 Reasons Why You’re Not Gaining Social Media Followers (& How to Fix It) | Social Media Today
August 17, 2016
Teens often lead the way in wider social media trends, and as such, brands need to be paying attention to significant teen user shifts.
Follow the Teens. No Seriously. | Social Media Today
May 18, 2016
While there's plenty of advice on how to boost your follower counts, one of the more important elements to consider is why social media was invented in the first place: to establish real, meaningful connections.
A Reminder: Social Media is About Being "Social" | Social Media Today
May 17, 2016
User generated content can be a valuable piece of your marketing puzzle, especially in social media circles. Here are some tips on how to implement a UGC campaign.
May 03, 2016
Providing a good experience means, first and foremost, thinking about the user and how they consume your content, which includes every aspect of it's presentation.
Your Content Experience Matters More Than You Think | Social Media Today
April 28, 2016
A new study from the team at Fractl has looked at how people are adapting and utilizing Facebook's new emoji-like Reactions to respond to on-platform content.
Facebook’s Reactions are Coming – Here’s Everything You Need to Know | Social Media Today
March 23, 2016
TrackMaven has released its 2016 Social Media Inflation Index report , in which they’ve analyz ed 12 months of follower growth data from almost 27,000 brands across five of the biggest social media networks
Brand Audiences on Instagram Growing at Twice the Rate of Other Platforms [Report] | Social Media Today