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audience engagement

January 05, 2016
A lot of what it takes to be smart when it comes to marketing is realizing the obvious, and acting on it. So it goes with a new article by Kyle Wong in Forbes, "The Explosive Growth Of Influencer Marketing And What It Means For You," which explores influencer marketing and its growing importance.
November 02, 2015
A common belief is that people hate advertising. They hate how they are saturated with advertising everywhere they go. They hate how it interrupts their TV shows, their radio, even their social media streams. But what if it wasn't that people hated advertising, thy were just a bit picky about it?
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September 12, 2015
Each month, Facebook produces a series of regional reports on the hot issues, including what the top issues were, which demographic groups were the most active in the related discussion, and even when each specific discussion peaked, during the month. The reports offer great insight into Facebook’s audience, and the issues that matter most to each age and gender subset within it.
The Most Discussed Issues on Facebook from August [Infographic] | Social Media Today
August 30, 2015
To develop an understanding of what type of audience top brands are connected to, we analyzed social posts from over 3 million consumers across the USA and put that data into a clean infographic.
Social audience
August 19, 2015
I think we all realized comment sections were doomed when even the extreme measure of attaching the right to comment to a Facebook account didn't help to civilize things. It was thought that what allowed people to be awful on the internet was the anonymity. Speech was cleaved from consequence, but if you make them comment via Facebook, the trolls would have to use their real names. That would make them think twice, right?
August 15, 2015
The team at Kissmetrics have put together an infographic looking at “ The Science of Brands on Instagram ”. Taking in the results of various studies and bran d experiences, the infographic lists the best brands on the platform and the benefits it offers, along with data of data on the best times of day and best days to post.
How to Maximize Your Brand's Instagram Presence [Infographic] | Social Media Today
July 23, 2015
Conceived by an Iron Man athlete looking for a plant-based, whole food alternative to nutritional supplements, Vega describes its products as “the future of optimal health”. Enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike, Vega’s products attract athletes of almost every sport looking for a more natural diet to help with training and ongoing health.
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June 02, 2015
My wife and I bought a house last year, and she started a new Pinterest board. The home projects she was putting together were really interesting. So I decided to get in on that action. I created an account. By doing so, I became a rare creature: A man actively using Pinterest.
pinterest perception
May 19, 2015
Between DC Comics and Marvel Comics, Marvel is winning the social media war. Because Marvel is the one having the most fun.
dammit hydra
May 16, 2015
A mere decade ago, brand building was essentially created on the pillars of packaging and advertising. It involved one-way dialogs and communications. Many feel that those were simpler and easier days. However, some brands were launched only to be left winking in the dark.
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