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April 09, 2017
Behavioral analysis can boost the performance of your campaigns and help avoid negative response.
Using Behavioral Analysis to Improve Marketing ROI [Infographic] | Social Media Today
November 25, 2015
A new infographic from Google looks into the where, when, and why people actually get out of their homes to go shopping on the most annoying shopping day of the year, noting the important fact that Google's data isn't just relevant to shoppers, but to stores and advertisers as well.
black friday
October 29, 2015
James Kirkup of the Telegraph has a very interesting article up, titled "Google wants to monitor your mental health. You should welcome it into your mind." Although the title is rather alarming, it isn't your mind that Google wants to get into but your smartphone or similar device, for the purpose of continuously tracking the state of your mental health. Like many advances in technology, this offers both a great potential to help people, and a great risk to someone's basic right to privacy.
google and mental health
September 28, 2015
Pope Francis, on his last day in the United States, delivered a sermon at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Pennsylvania that came down a bit harsh on social media, with the statement "I would dare say that at the root of so many contemporary situations is a kind of radical loneliness that so many people live in today. Running after the latest fad, a like, accumulating followers on any of the social networks."
Pope Francis
September 04, 2015
Presenting 'Socality Barbie,' an Instagram account aping and satirizing the monotonous tastes and activities of a certain monochromatic breed of narcissistic hipster, whose every coffee is an experience, whose every trip is a life-affirming adventure, and whose every moment is recorded to demonstrate that moment's sonder-inducing solitude.
August 07, 2015
Digital marketers know using social media successfully has a lot more to do with just being social. If we take a closer look at introvert-like behaviors on social platforms, we see there are several reasons to be more “introverted.” Introverts own “social” media? Irony Alert!
July 22, 2015
Vertical videos are irritating in such a small way that it seems petty to complain about them, but that isn't going to stop me from doing so. The scourge of casually filmed footage, vertical video is what happens when someone shoots something with their smart phone and holds it in the typical vertical fashion.
grass wrong
April 17, 2015
We are all selfish. Is this bad? In a super-connected world, time and attention is scarce. If a brand does not add value to MY interests, MY needs and MY passions…it doesn’t get too much of MY time and attention. Research shows that people are becoming more discerning about the brands and organizations they choose to support through their purchases and advocacy.
March 22, 2015
Facebook active users are much more likely to be clicking ‘like’ button than Google plus or Twitter active users are to be hitting +1 or ‘favoriting’. Active Facebookers are also more likely to be interacting with their friends, revels new study from Global Web Index.
social media activities
February 25, 2015
Social media has shown its merits in the business world, as well as a platform for political engagement, fundraising, and viral entertainment marketing; so what about campaigns to collectively elevate public health by influencing behavior? This isn't just marketing a product or an experience--it is marketing lifestyles.