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big data

April 17, 2016
The data opportunities of our eve-connected online world are amazing, and this week. Google's highlighted a few ways in which their data sources are helping to fuel some important and transformational environmental projects.
Google Outlines the Amazing Possibilities of Data in New Report | Social Media Today
April 06, 2016
Facebook has this week unveiled a new automated image identification system which uses AI to describe the contents of photos. The announcement has significant implications for future data possibilties.
Facebook Automated Captions Improve Accessibility, Provide Additional Insights | Social Media Today
March 22, 2016
We’re all producing more data than we know what to do with, and m uch of that is "dark data" - unstructured and largely ignored. Here are three ways that data is being utilized.
3 Ways to Unlock Dark Data | Social Media Today
March 17, 2016
While big data can be an intimidating concept, there are ways to access the new range of data insights in a meaningful and simple way, which can then lead you to deeper understanding of the process.
Big Data Is Here, Get Used To It | Social Media Today
March 02, 2016
While businesses have a general understanding of the value of big data analytics for insights, it can be trickier for marketers to explain the various ways social analytics reporting can benefit the bottom line. Here are three ways to display some common big data angles to help visualize their context.
Do You Have the Context You Need? Unlocking the Value of Big Data in Marketing | Social Media Today
February 29, 2016
The amount of data businesses have today to analyze and utilize is unprecedented, and it’s literally growing every second. With so much data available, some businesses don’t quite know what to do—but there’s one avenue it can be applied to that can change everything: social media marketing.
January 18, 2016
New year, same problems, similar trends. The problem for business to business (b2b) marketers consistently is demand generation and each year, businesses take the time to build on what they have been previously working with.
July 01, 2015
Big data is very valuable, but it can' t do everything. The numbers can only take you so far. Even as big data gets even bigger, don’t forget the value of big ideas based on true human insight and how they can be what really drives social media content and engagement.
Big Data Hype: Don’t Forget The Big Idea | Social Media Today
May 27, 2015
Marketers and advertisers might have something to learn from McCandless because of how his work communicates complex ideas with very little effort from his viewers. “People across a range of industries, not just science, are struggling with their communication because their output doesn’t compete with what people see on a day-to-day basis,” McCandless told Guernica . “Some of the commercial work I do is helping people to improve their presentations and add some design thinking.”
May 27, 2015
There’s no doubt that the Internet of Things has arrived. From Amazon’s Dash button to wearables to smart parking meters, examples of IoT device innovation are sprouting all around us. But we're still, essentially, in the dark ages with this technology. We’re just beginning to see that the real value in IoT isn't hardware-centric; it's the data that comes with it that's of most interest.
Why Data Will Drive The Next Wave of IoT Innovation | Social Media Today