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August 21, 2015
The real power of the web for businesses lies in its social nature. The web is built for sharing, collaborating, including. So when starting - or growing - a blog is on your to-do list, social strategies are your best best. Things like SEO, bold headlines, and good visual appeal are great, too. But the biggest boosts in blog traffic and engagement I’ve ever had didn’t come from independent things like keywords. They came from including others in my work.
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July 03, 2015
Your blog has more traffic than all of your social profiles combined. Not to mention your visitors have made an informed decision to read your blog - as opposed to aimlessly clicking on a social profile of yours while they’re on the phone. This article will cover just one of the many strategies that can turn your blog into a goldmine of fans and followers: website scroll popups. I'll show you exactly how they work and give you four essential elements of setting them up right.
May 14, 2015
Let's go over the 9 main reasons for high bounce rates and, more importantly, what you can do to make people keep scrolling downward and clicking through more pages.
May 13, 2015
This first impression is made up of a fairly complex set of factors - many of which are subtle and hard to measure. Things such as writing style, blog layout, architecture of your site, choice of imagery etc. Even if you were to ask your readers what it is they are looking for, you may get a blank stare or vague response. What they feel and inevitably how they perceive your brand is predominantly subconscious. But all of these factors in some way add up to a visitors perception of your brand and their likelihood to return to your site.
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April 21, 2015
We’ve collected 14 awesome free resources to help you grow your blog traffic. We’ve tried and tested them for ourselves, and we’ve only included the tools that have really made a difference to our blog traffic.
March 25, 2015
In order for a blog to be considered a success, it has to abide not only by the strategy implemented to reach its goals, but also the foundation that supports it. A content strategy that brings fruit to a content marketing and social media marketing strategy is important in generating blog traffic, which you can turn into leads or customers. But how the blog is built and set up is just a crucial, if not even more so.
March 25, 2015
70% of B2B marketers plan on creating more content in 2015 than they did the previous year, according to the 2015 Content Marketing Report. It's a great goal but it does suggest a new problem - how to create all that new content? As content manager for a B2B business blog it is something that I can certainly resonate with. Here I'll address some of the ways to solve that challenge.
B2B Business Blog
March 10, 2015
Why it is so important to have a business blog and not just a social media presence? Creating a blog will give you access to a cohort of people online.
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January 15, 2015
Blogging is an art form and it should be treated as such. To truly master blogging you’re going to need to spend a lot of time perfecting your writing style and getting to know your customers. The deeper you know your customers and the better you can serve them with clarity the more likely your posts are to resonate and inspire action.
January 09, 2015
Even more than commenters, subscribers really like your content. When someone is kind enough to subscribe to you blog, visit their website. Comment on their posts. Become followers of their social channels. Engage with them on their social channels. This demonstrates the value of their new connection with you. Reach out and connect, and ask them if you can schedule an offline introductory call, so that you learn more about their business.