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February 15, 2016
Telling a brand story is like telling a love story. It's the most powerful digital marketing tool any organization has, and it’s particularly powerful for purpose-driven brands, where the tangible goal is more than just making a profit.
February 08, 2016
On average, people encounter 20,000 brands every day. That’s 20,000 brands beginning with the moment a person turns off the iPhone alarm clock and goes to kitchen to grind Starbucks coffee beans in a Capresso grinder. These days, asking people to care about your brand is like asking them to identify a single molecule of air as the most important in their day. We’ve reached Peak Brand, and in this era of inundation, a single tweet announcing a new product isn’t enough. You’ve got to stand out. But how?
February 05, 2016
Few, if any, other aspects of branding pack the visceral power of color. When chosen and implemented effectively, color can differentiate, motivate, and elevate a business. If you really think about color's role in the marketplace, you will see its potential. To demonstrate what I mean, take a quick quiz:
February 01, 2016
Think about the brands and products you love, the ones you’re fiercely loyal to. Your loyalty doesn’t grow because you like the color selection of the products, or because you thought the print ad used a nice font, or they have good shipping costs. You are loyal to the brands and products you love because you identify with their ethos. Because they have an ethos, a belief sy stem. Those organizations have a compelling, emotional, and pervasive answer to the question: why do you do what you do?
Finding the purpose behind your oganization's mission
January 29, 2016
When business growth stagnates, talk inevitably turns to increasing advertising, website redesign, lowering fees, etc. to earn back former clients and entice new prospects. All of those tactics can be effective, but only if they send the right message to your audience.
3 Signs You Should Rethink Your Branding Strategy
January 27, 2016
When many business leaders think of the term “brand” they think of pretty colors, expensive logos, fancy graphics, Facebook cover photos and traditional tv or radio advertisements. Smart marketers know branding is much more than a logo. In reality, the logo is the easy part, and only one small (yet very important) component of your brand.
Your Logo is NOT Your Brand – Marketing Brand Strategy in a Nutshell | Social Media Today
January 22, 2016
If you could light a Bunsen burner under a great brand and distill it down to its most basic substance, you'd be left with the brand's most valuable asset — its name. Even after other critical elements have evaporated away, a brand's name still packs a punch. If American Express, IBM, or Coca-Cola were to shut down their businesses today (assuming nothing had tainted their reputations), these brands could be revived a few years from now and still be formidable contenders in their categories. Such is the power of the brand name.
Elements of a Successful Brand 5: The Name
January 15, 2016
It seems as if every brand in the world is already on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat are being flooded with content and advertising dollars, making social media sites some of the most competitive marketing channels out there. With so many players on the field, how does one launch a new brand successfully on social media?
January 15, 2016
The keys to unlocking the culture-penetrating, conversation-creating power of your movement are "The 3 I's."
January 13, 2016
These brands seem to understand the importance of social media integration and are embracing social media adoption. And they are finding success in the process .