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June 18, 2015
Have you ever been watching the local news… wait, people don’t do that anymore. Have you ever been reading the newspaper… nope, never mind. The point is, people are consuming news online now more than ever before, and you’ve probably encountered a story that started with, “Did you hear about what happened on Twitter?
June 12, 2015
Podcasting has become a household phrase, with more than 39 million Americans listening to podcasts monthly, and that number is growing rapidly. Two years ago there were 1 billion podcast subscriptions to 250,000 shows. T he potenti al for audience growth is huge, and the advertising payout can be even bigger. CPM for podcasts is 20 times higher than for web and radio, and 4 times that of TV. And the best part about podcasting is nearly anyone with access to a Mac and some software knowledge can make on. All things considered, podcasting can really pay off.
June 11, 2015
The problem at the heart of branding is that, like Bart Simpson, brands often can't tell the difference between positive attention and negative attention. Sure, it might be great that everyone is talking about your brand, but what if everyone is talking about how much your brand sucks?
John Oliver Bud Light Lime
June 09, 2015
I very recently wrote about how brands need to be careful when it comes to including themselves in the public discourse, especially when it comes to things like, say, the anniversary of one of our nation's greatest tragedies. Well, one brand has chosen to go a a different route, and to do so in the most disconcerting way possible.
burger creepy
June 08, 2015
Donné Torr has an article up on Hootsuite titled "3 Social Media Marketing Lessons from the Kardashians" that investigates Caitlyn Jenner recently coming out as trans, and the ensuing social media reaction. The bit of the article that most struck me was the first of Torr's three points: "Brands don't have a place in every conversation." As Torr's sage advice to brands in the article continues, "if you can’t add value, stay quiet: not every event is a bandwagon moment."
bad taste
June 03, 2015
Advertising Age published an article this morning, "The State of Chinese Social Media in 2015: What You Need to Know," that offers fascinating insights into the current state of social media in China, and how brands are attempting to leverage various social platforms to connect with a market of 1.35 billion people. AdAge has been following social media in China since 2008, so they know what they're talking about.
china social
May 19, 2015
Between DC Comics and Marvel Comics, Marvel is winning the social media war. Because Marvel is the one having the most fun.
dammit hydra
May 17, 2015
Are you fighting to gain a foothold as a new brand in your local community? It’s tough getting your name out there and building a relationship with your friends and neighbors; at least as a business. How do you market yourself without spending a ton of money, or looking like someone trying to take advantage of friendships for the purpose of expanding your business?
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May 17, 2015
​ Social media can be a major asset - but it can also be a waste of our time. I talk with small-to-midsize businesses and organizations every week, and the number one thing I hear from them about why they're admittedly not doing enough on social media is because they just don't have the time.
May 16, 2015
A mere decade ago, brand building was essentially created on the pillars of packaging and advertising. It involved one-way dialogs and communications. Many feel that those were simpler and easier days. However, some brands were launched only to be left winking in the dark.
brand building